Support Wilmington's Women Writers

Coming soon, Athenian Press & Workshops will be North Carolina’s FIRST bookstore, press/lit mag, and artistic space catered to women and femme writers in the heart of downtown Wilmington. Some of their core values deal with community building, creativity and imagination, feminism, social justice, and inclusion. Athenian Press & Workshop's existence will transform the field of publishing and disrupt oppressive constructs of femininity, sexuality, and race. Their goal is to create a platform and physical gathering space for Wilmingtonians to feel welcome and included, especially women and femme writers seeking resources and a supportive community. The bookstore will feature work by women/femme and local writers as well as offering personal workspace, meeting and discussion areas open to workshop, publishing resources, and include a café for your favorite coffee shop snacks and drinks. 

On October 21st, Athenian Press & Workshops will be launching their Kickstarter campaign at Waterline Brewery to help raise the funds to make this space a reality. Coming out for a night of games, raffle prizes, drinks, food, speakers, and live music helps support local businesses and artists as well as the feminine literary community in Wilmington. Keynote speakers include Maya Marshall of PANK magazine, and featured musical guests include Emily Musolino Trio, SWINE, and Jacquie Lee of Striking Copper. Additionally, there will be poetry readings by Destiny Hemphill and Catherine Ntube of the University of South Carolina Columbia. If you like supporting local businesses and the women of Wilmington as well as craft beer, food trucks, and raffle prizes, you should come join Athenian Press & Workshops in launching their campaign! 

For more information, check out Athenian A&P's website and don't forget to like their Facebook page

[Photos Courtesy of Anna Mann and Tish Yvette]