My Love Letter to Timothée Chalamet

No one stands in comparison to Timothée Chalamet. No one.


Would my friend have made me a pin with Chalamet’s face on it if I was not completely obsessed with him?


When I first came across this beautiful boy -- ;) -- in “Call Me By Your Name” I instantly fell in love and wondered where Chalamet had been all my life.



Aside from his incredibly indie good looks, I also consider Chalamet to be one of the best actors of our time. From his roles in “Miss Stevens” as Billy, “Call Me By Your Name” as Elio, “Lady Bird” as Kyle and most recently “Beautiful Boy” as Nic, Chalamet continues to blow me away with his outstanding performance and acting skills. All while only being 23.  



I am also so in love with Chalamet’s quirky and awkward realness whenever he does an interview. In almost every interview he does a little cute and awkward laugh that comes off as he cannot believe he is actually here and I am here for it. Even his body language highlights his humbled awkwardness as he rubs his legs with his hands and looks down as he laughs.


Not only am I huge fangirl of Chalamet who is not afraid to show it, but it is wonderful to see Chalamet fangirl over his favorite celebrities, especially when they mention him. My personal favorite was when Kid Cudi was asked on Twitter who his favorite artist at the moment was and he replied with Chalamet. Chalamet’s response was pure perfection as he tweeted a bunch of letters in excitement as well as three other related tweets.



If Chalamet was not all that then other popular artists like Tyler, The Creator would not mention him in songs -- yes there are multiple references to Chalamet in his Youtube remixes. Yet another great instance that Chalamet has fangirled over.  


We cannot talk about Chalamet without bringing up his impeccable fashion and runway sense. Everyone Hollywood red carpet and premier Chalamet has shown up and impressed. From his bold flower covered suits to his more recent jumpsuit harness he showcased at the 2019 Golden Globes he kills on the runway.  



Another gift that Chalamet has blessed us with is his foreign language speaking abilities. We have his parents to thank for this. His father is French and thus the Chalamet’s have spent many summers in France. In addition to speaking French, Chalamet had to learn some Italian for his role as Elio in “Call Me by Your Name”. I could spend hours -- and I probably do -- listening to interviews of Chalamet speaking French.


And for goodness sake, he brings his mother to practically every award show. This warms my heart and further justifies my love for him. I mean who does not love a good ol momma’s boy? Instead of bringing of friends or maybe a girlfriend -- internally crying because it is not me -- he chooses to always to bring his momma. I am dead.  

I cannot wait to see what else Chalamet goes on to do in his career because honey you can bet I will be there cheering him on the sidelines.


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