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The Freshman, Fish, and Friends 

Today marks my third Friday here at the dub. I feel as if the caption for this article is more than appropriate for today’s occasion. Allow me to explain as I am the freshman, my name is Lo, and I am trying to succeed at this whole college and adulting thing. I do not really know if it is working, however I do know I can eat ice-cream for dinner and that is pretty alright with me. Arnold is the fish. He is a grumpy old-man-looking blue and red beta fish whom I care for. You know what they say, sometimes you just need a small non-talking companion. He sits on the edge of my desk and has experienced many things. Those things are my friends. Krista, my roommate from New York, who is tall and absolutely bad-a**. She cares for Arnold as any aunt would, over feeding him and using him for show when on facetime with friends and family back in New York. Our neighbors to the left of us are Brooke and Sarah. Sarah and I go way back (we met during orientation—so way back is approximately 2 months ago). She is from Fayetteville and is cute, but not to be messed with. She is the spunk of the group and is always up for an adventure. Brooke is the funny and out-loud thinker. She comes from Greenville (green-vulleNOTgreen-ville). The number of laughs that come from our dorms are uncountable. These are my people. This is my place. So do not forget to take some time and recognize the real ones, make sure to thank them, and above all else love where you live. Make sure to use the #lovewhereyoulive and #hercampusuncw so we can see the joy that freshman, fishes, and friends can bring! 

Signing off, 

Lo :) 






Lauren: (noun) laughs at inappropriate times, over-dramatizes everything, eats too many carbs, fully compassionate. Welcome to my life.
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