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Five Reasons Why a Daily Routine is the Best

People have made fun of me for how seriously I stick to my routines, but some of those same people have asked me how I fit everything I need to do into a day—and I do it by sticking to my routine like a crazy person. Here are five reasons why you should consider hammering out a daily schedule and sticking to it.

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1. You’ll Get More Done.

One of the biggest parts of my routine is making a to-do list in the morning and then checking things off throughout the day. Because of the way I stick to my lists, if I put something on my morning to-do list, it WILL get done unless something out of my control happens, like a due date being changed or someone having to reschedule a meeting.

#ProTip: put everything you’re going to do on the list, even mundane things like “make breakfast” and “get to campus on time,” and then check those things off—you’ll feel more accomplished and ready to take on the bigger tasks.

2. You Can Schedule Time for Whatever You Want.

When I’m really busy, I’ll admit that I have a bad habit of neglecting myself. When I notice that I’m having a hard time catching my breath, I’ll rework my schedule a little and add something like “get a pedicure” or “go inside instead of driving through Starbucks,” which are things that don’t take up too much time but still give me a little bit of me-time.

3. You’ll Sleep Like a Baby.

There is nothing like snuggling into bed after a long, productive day. Ever since I committed to my schedule, I don’t find myself crawling into bed at 2 A.M., exhausted and unsatisfied like I used to. Instead, I check my last item off of my to-do list, pack my bag for the next day, set out a piece of paper to write the next day’s list on and hop into bed by 11 p.m. or 12 a.m. at the latest. Then I sleep like I’ve never slept before, *every* night. I don’t have to tell you how much better your life would be if you started sleeping eight hours a night, do I?

4. You’ll Feel More in Control.

Even if the things on your schedule aren’t necessarily things you want to do (I’m looking at you, 8 A.M. meetings), the fact that you’ve written them down among things you do want to do (like keeping Thursday nights free for #TGIT) will help the less-fun responsibilities seem more bearable. Bonus: if somebody asks you to do something you’re not in the mood for, you can just tell them that time slot in your planner is full. You don’t have to tell them it’s full of Grey’s Anatomy. Once people understand how committed to your schedule you are, they won’t question it when you say you’re busy.

5. You’ll Be Less Forgetful.

If something isn’t written in my planner, it’s probably not getting done. That being said, nothing I put in my planner gets forgotten or brushed under the metaphorical rug, because it’s *right there* in writing. Writing things down actually helps you remember them better, so by the time I write down a task on my to-do list, on my daily schedule in my planner, and maybe one other place, it’s in my short-term memory until it’s done and replaced with another task. There is still such a thing as being too busy, though, so be sure that you’re not overloading yourself: prioritize, and move less important/time sensitive tasks to another day if you’re super busy.

There are tons more reasons why I think my daily routine is lit, but these are the five strongest arguments I have for you as we’re starting the new school year. Now, go forth and make those lists, collegiates!


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Olivia is a senior at UNCW, majoring in Creative Writing. She enjoys color coding all things possible and hanging string lights year-round.
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