Finals Week: a Few Gentle Reminders

It goes without saying that finals week inspires a wide variety of feelings on campus. In the next few days, you may notice some of your peers on the verge of nervous breakdowns. Others might be completely zenned out, ready for summer to start. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, here are a few reminders to consider before exams begin in order to preserve your well-being.  

1. You are more than your grades.

Yes, you have heard this millions of times. But no matter how many times it is said, it will always hold true. While it is always encouraged that you do what you can to ensure your success, a poor test grade is not the end of the world.  

2. Study breaks (and snacks) are so, so important.

If you anticipate long afternoons in the library, writing out an entire semester’s worth of study guides, make it a goal to get up at least once every hour. A trip outside to get fresh air, for example, would benefit you in the long run. With that, remember to eat! Sometimes it can be helpful to determine the time of your next meal before you dive into your textbook as to not forget. An abundance of (healthy!) snacks and a refillable water bottle are always good things to have on hand, too.  

3. There is such a thing as too much studying.

Finals week is so strange. It might be the only time during the semester where people boast about sleeping in the library and studying nonstop for ten hours. However, if you’re even somewhat sane, you already know that there is a limit to what the average person can handle, studying-wise. One or two hour periods of studying over the span of a few days is probably just as, if not more effective than a ten-hour cram sesh every night. You do not have to devote your entire existence to exam prep. If you space out your studying well enough and make the time you do spend reviewing truly count (by, for example, turning off your phone, eliminating distractions, etc.), you will be fine.  

4. Resources are always available to you when you need them.

If at any point during finals week you feel like you are drowning, remember that you are never alone. Reach out to your friends and your family. They will comfort you and give you the kind of important reminders only family and friends can give. And, if worse comes to worse, on-campus resources are always an option, such as the counseling center. There are also resources if you need help preparing for your exams like the writing center, to name one.  

5. Take a deep breath-- you are almost done.

You have somehow managed to make it this far. From August until now, you have transformed into a new and improved version of yourself. This version of yourself is more than capable of taking on these last few challenges. Have faith in yourself. 



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