6 Lessons I Learned After I Failed a Class

The thing I never thought would happen, happened: I failed a class. Like I literally got a 48%. It was not even an upper-level course or anything. It was an Intro to Human Societies online course.  



Let me paint you a picture: it was Spring semester. I was taking 18 credit hours because I am trying to graduate on time with two majors and two minors (yep, I am an overachiever). I also had a job and was involved with a couple organizations on campus, all while coping with the negative side effects of my birth control (that’s another story). This one online course literally slipped away from me with its consistent discussion boards and boring textbooks assignments.  


The next thing I knew, it was halfway through the year and my grade was a sad 50% and there was nothing I could do to save it. My professor's syllabus said no extra credit and there was just the final exam left with not a lot of weight to save me.  


Here are some lessons I learned from that experience so you do not have to:  


1. Don’t over schedule yourself

I know it is sometimes so easy to try to fill up your free time with other clubs and extra work shifts, but you need downtime. Trust me; you are doing enough and you need to give yourself a mental break.  


2. It is okay to drop a class

Sometimes the class just does not work with the rest of your schedule or it is too much. Don’t be afraid to take a step back. Understand your limits and listen to yourself.  


3. Make the most of your free time

Some days, it is a miracle that you have some free time, but try not to spend it watching Netflix every single time. Maybe pick up your room or organize your planner.


4. Create a schedule that works

If you are not a morning person, avoid morning classes and work shifts. The same thing applies to afternoon and night classes. Do not set up a schedule you know you will not like because you will just go into the year with a bad mindset.


5. Prioritize healthy habits

Schedule gym or relaxation time and try not to set it aside. You have to prioritize yourself so that you can make better decisions tomorrow.


6. It doesn't always have to be about work. Go have fun!

Do not over stress yourself. You are young once, so have fun so you do not regret it.

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