5 Best Places to Hammock at UNCW

This past week at UNCW has literally felt like summer so any chance I got I was outside in my hammock. The campus has many trees and beautiful areas to just hang out in between classes so here are some places to totally check out:

By the amphitheater and the pond.

It’s a cool spot because it is right in the middle of everything and you get awesome hammock pics for Instagram.

Trees in front of Morton Hall.

This is a good spot if you don’t mind noise and like watching people slacklining while getting good pictures of the bell tower.

Trees in between McNeil Hall and Dobo Hall.

My roommates told me about this spot because it is a good spot if you have class close. Also, there is enough shade so you are not blinded by the sun.

Trees by Seahawk Crossing.

There are so many trees around the area that gives you the choice of what kind of atmosphere you want. So get some Dunkin Donuts and start hanging.

Tri-House Forest.

Another picture perfect place that is normally quiet and a top hangout area for hammockers.


Hang in there!

[Photos courtesy of Julie Reyes]