Start Your Day Off Right

Guest Writer: Jenna Grant


We all know that when life calls for getting up at the break of dawn, we are not always willing to listen. Especially with daylight saving time approaching, the idea of staying snuggled up in bed for another hour while it’s dark outside sounds phenomenal. Here are five ways to prepare you for a more productive day.


  1. Enjoy a fresh cup of juice.

It’s an alternative to coffee with more health benefits. The enzymes and vitamins will help you feel more energized while flushing toxins out of your body.


  1. Go for a jog or do a light aerobic activity.

Yes, dancing in front of your mirror counts. This will increase your blood flow and brain activity.


  1. Stimulate your brain with journaling.

Sometimes just sorting out your thoughts on paper can help you create a positive outlook on the day and process what needs to get done.


  1. Tidy up your workspace.

Doing some light organizing will spark the motivation you need to knock out all your other responsibilities. A clean room equals a clean mind.


  1. Listen to an uplifting playlist.

Let those good vibes move from your body to the world around you.



These five small tasks provide mental, physical and emotional benefits that will help you take on the day!