Cultivation 101: Intro to Plant Care

Welcome to Cultivation 101! The article series where I share tips and tricks about growing plants! In this first article I will run through the very basic knowledge that every plant owner should know to start out successful. Having plants may seem daunting, but with a few steps you can be the owner of healthy, thriving greenery.


The three basics of plant growing are soil, water, and sunlight. All plants are different, therefore different measures need to be taken to make sure that they are healthy and growing. Soil is pretty easy. You want to choose basic potting soil, which can be found at your local Home Depot or Lowes. Of course there are different types of soil for specific plants; succulents tend to like drier soil with a higher sand content while other plants may prefer more porous soil. Make sure to do your research to be sure that the soil you get is right for your individual plant.


Watering is also essential plants. I water my plants twice a week with only about a tablespoon of water. However, the larger the plant, the more water you need. For succulents and cacti, watering too much is a bad idea. Water them a tiny amount maybe once a month, or even less! Misting your plants between watering is good too! You can pick up a cheap spray bottle from a Walmart near you. Just spray the leaves a few times to keep them moist! When watering your plants, pour the water at the base, near the root. If you pour you water from the top of the plant on the leaves, there is no guarantee that the soil will absorb that water and that the roots will get what they need.


Finally, the right amount of sunlight is VITAL. Through sunlight, plants perform photosynthesis to produce energy. If they don’t receive enough sunlight they will starve! Research your specific plant because some only need partial light while others need full direct sunlight. Place your plants on a table near your window, in the windowsill directly or in a brightly lit spot. If your room is like mine, you may have trees directly outside your window that block sunlight for most of the day. It may be in your best interest, then, to purchase a lamp. There is a vast array of lamps to choose from which emit different types of light, but I personally own a simple LED light from Target. If you want more information on lamps, check out this article:


Taking care of plants is easy once you get the hang of it. Once you learn what your plants need, it will become second “nature.” Thanks for reading and be sure to check back in for the next article in Cultivation 101!