Move Over Post Malone Memes, "First of all" Tweets Are In

Everyone’s inner passive aggressive attitude is rejoicing with “first of all” scenario posts taking over social media. This hilarious Twitter trend has taken the form of what seems like endless scenarios to prove that, in fact, any situation can elicit a sassy response. Here are some of our favorites.


We appreciate you for addressing the blunt message, Netflix. Where you at Pandora?


I'm 5 minutes away from deciding not to come anymore tbh.


And do you really need a better explanation than that?


The same coworker who's uncle's hamster is always in town. 




What's done is done.


You never said it had to real.


This and the entire list of past presidents are the only two pieces of information I'll ever need to know.


You're lucky I'm even still replying.


He's changed, okay?


This was never a problem before Snapchat came along.


And don't think I don't smell that wine in your water bottle.


And painting a cooler makes me an artist.




Just wait until I get on Rate My Professor.


PSA: I will be laughing at my phone until this trend dies.