5 Recipes to Make Holiday Baking Easy

Oh the joys of holiday baking! Baking has become a big hobby and love of mine in the past couple of years. From baking cakes, cookies, brownies, truffles, etc. I have fun making them, and especially eating them. When November and December hit, I want to bake all the time! This may have to do with stress baking during finals coming, but it’s also fun because you can make a fun day or activity out of it with your friends and family. Just because you don’t have expertise in baking doesn’t mean you can’t join in on the holiday tradition of making baked goods for yourself or a dish or two to bring to holiday parties! To give you a head start, here’s a list of easy baked holiday goods that taste delicious and look fantastic.

  1. 1. Oreo Ornaments 

    Oreo Ornaments are an easy, but cute way to be festive. There are only 3 steps and you can decorate however you want!


  2. 2. Truffles

    While they look like they would be difficult to make they are actually really easy, fun, delicious, and look impressive! Two of my favorite holiday truffles are the double chocolate peppermint fudge truffles and sugar cookie truffles.  They take approximately 10 minutes to make and the rest of the time is them in the fridge!

  3. 3. Christmas Bark

    Christmas bark is very easy and customisable with your favorite chocolate treats. This takes only 15 minutes and who doesn’t love a good bark to snack on?

  4. 4. Christmas Tree Brownies

    How cute are these brownies? Just take your favorite box brownies (unless you want to bake brownies from scratch then you go honey!) and decorate like a Christmas tree with your favorite tub of frosting and maybe some sprinkles! They look super festive and taste delicious.

  5. 5. Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies

    Lastly, one of the most classic holiday cookies… the peanut butter blossom cookie.  These are actually super easy! And a little tip, don’t feel constrained to just the classic Kiss and try the candy cane Kiss or caramel Kiss to top off the cookie!

Most importantly, have fun with the baking! Invite your friends or family over for a baking session with a beloved cheese board or some classic chips and dip because these are non-stress goods you can have fun with! And the best part… you can eat them when fresh out of the oven and taste your product!