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Uncomfortable Truths You Need to Hear

We are oftentimes brainwashed by society into thinking only one way —  told that everything in our lives has to be perfect because everyone else’s life seems to be put together. Admitting that things aren’t going right in our lives is a challenge, but one we have to confront. It’s time to change our ways of thinking, especially in regards to the topics listed below.

Quitting can be a sign of strength.

We are often pushed to follow through and keep going. They tell us, “Don’t stop now,” but what if the direction is toxic? Know when it is appropriate to quit. Quitting isn’t the answer when things get too hard or challenging; these are the moments we grow from the most. However, it’s reasonable and acceptable to quit if things just suck. It’s important to recognize when it’s time to quit, change direction, leave unhealthy situations, whatever it may be.

If they really wanted to, they would.

If there’s someone that you’re investing your time and energy into, don’t you think that you deserve the same? Nagging at them and pressuring someone to give forth effort will work in the near future, but it won’t last forever. Take the pressure off and then see what they’d rather be doing. Don’t waste your life fighting with someone about how they should be acting. Let them go. Move on. Do better.

Taking no risk is worse than failing.

Every time you try something new, you’re making yourself vulnerable. It’s better to try and to fail than to always wonder, “What if?” In order to succeed, you have to risk failure. In order to be accepted, you must risk rejection. In order to love, you need to risk heartbreak. Don’t spend your life scared of falling if you’re never going to take that leap of faith.

Closure is your own choice.

You can’t rely on other people to give you the closure that you need. Chances are, you’re not going to get that apology, justice or answers that you’re seeking. If you need closure from a situation, keeping it open and dwelling on it is going to keep you hurting. Instead of seeking closure from others, find it in yourself by moving on.

You are not obligated to fix damaged people.

Now, I’m not saying to not be there for your friends. However, if you continue to pour every ounce of your sanity into fixing someone else and their behavior or feelings don’t change, they may not be ready for it. We may be so involved in this toxic romantic (or non-romantic) attachment with an individual who is just using us as a distraction without any intent to change.

All in all, I hope that you’ve been able to develop a new perspective of certain topics instead of being extremely set in your previous ways of thinking. It’s important to take all things with a grain of salt because life isn’t as simple as being black and white. Many times, it can get messy and gray. Thinking rationally and remembering these five truths may help give clarity.

Maya is a 5th Year Medical Student at UMKC. Even though she is working towards a very STEM orientated major, Maya enjoys using writing as a creative outlet. When Maya isn't studying, she enjoys writing (duh), soccer, music, and shopping.
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