Three Things That Helped Me Become a Better Me

“I already feel like a powerful woman on my own, these things just help me develop a new level of powerfulness.”

In my life, I  had a long phase where I wasn’t the best, most powerful person I could be. I know this because I constantly doubted things that made me feel good, constantly complained about the littlest things, realized that I wasn’t the person I imagined myself to be. I also realized it was my fault as well, that I needed to change my mindset. Obviously, I didn’t wake up one morning and decided to change myself in the span of just 24 hours, it was a process for me. I came up with some tips on my own to follow everyday, and it eventually helped. I already feel like a powerful woman on my own, these things just help me develop a new level of powerfulness.

1. I stepped out of my own hidden corner.

For a while in my life, I didn’t necessarily seclude myself from opportunities, but I did hesitate because I was afraid of branching out of my own comfort zone. As much as I wanted to experience new things, my thoughts always went back to denial and thinking I wasn’t good enough to even try. Until recently I asked myself doubting questions like, “What if this roller skating class will change your life?” or “What if you find the love of your life at XYZ?”

2. Told myself that it’s okay to listen and it’s okay to speak out.

There have always been two things that people in my life have told me. It’s either "I should be a lawyer because I argue way too much" or  "I give good advice and I’m a good listener". Both of them include talking either way, and I always took that into consideration. Being told “I argue way too much” kept me back from saying what I wanted to say, though. I thought that being opinionated or even just having the freedom of speaking out about something would be too bothersome. Having the mindset where you are afraid to speak about something you want to speak on shouldn’t be restricted. I embraced my freedom of speech (and now I can’t stop talking) and used that to my advantage. I used my knowledge and willingness to listen and be educated every day and it is one quality of myself that I never want to let go.

3. Finally, I’m just gonna be me.

I was told by a couple of friends recently that I looked “different” and of course I told them to elaborate. One said I look more confident, another said that I seemed more carefree, and another said I’ve matured. I took all of this into thought and realized something, almost all of these statements are positive and true to word. I did, in fact, become more confident, I don’t let stress get in the way of having a positive mindset (hence “carefree”), I did mature and open my mind a bit to the world. I always had an idea of where I pictured myself, physically and mentally, and I needed that picture to come to life for me in order to truly blossom into a better version of myself.