Staying In Is Cool

"Staying In Is Cool": Aubrey's Attic Co. Gives Back to UMKC Students

COVID-19 has caused financial stress for people across the country, particularly college students. Businesses have been shutting down temporarily due to stay-at-home orders and universities have moved to online education. For students who are struggling during this time, UMKC has set up an Emergency Relief Fund for those who need extra assistance during this difficult time. UMKC student and owner of Aubrey’s Attic Co, Aubrey Larkin, has decided to collaborate with UMKC’s Emergency Relief Fund during this time to help raise money for students by selling a t-shirt with “Staying In Is Cool”.  I was fortunate to get the opportunity to interview her about her business last fall (here is the link to that article if you want to learn more about Aubrey’s Attic Co.) Since I couldn’t meet up with her in person due to social distancing, I interviewed her online to ask some questions about her upcoming collaboration. 


  1. 1. Why did you decide to contribute to UMKC's Emergency Relief Fund?

    Aubrey Larkin: “I knew I wanted to use my unique position as a student and business owner to benefit my community. After researching how this is affecting college students specifically and hearing concerns from my peers, this seemed like a great fit. I love UMKC and want to help the people closest to me. Not only did I want to contribute to the fund, I wanted others to know it exists. Without personal research and my mom happening across it, I wouldn’t have known of it. Through social media and the tee shirt sales, I hope more students become aware of the grants they are eligible to receive. To me, this tee represents the safe community we are creating for each other by distancing. The idea of seeing people all over wear a tee that has such a strong meaning is incredible. I think this tee has the possibility to change countless lives.”

  2. 2. How long will this fundraiser tee be available for purchase?

    Aubrey Larkin: “I am launching a preorder that is estimated to begin next Monday, April 20. I am estimating that it will run for at least a week. If I see a need for it to run longer, I am happy to be flexible! I want as many people to contribute, if they want to. Through my blog, other students and platforms like Her Campus at UMKC, I hope to keep awareness of the fund beyond just the selling of the tees.”

  3. 3. What percentage of the proceeds will be going towards UMKC's Emergency Fund

    Aubrey Larkin: “About 40% of every tee shirt sale will go to the fund. This is such an exciting number for AAC to be able to donate.”

To support Aubrey’s Attic Co., make sure to check out her website and follow AAC on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. If you participate in AAC’s collaboration, make sure to post your new outfit on social media with the hashtag #stayinginiscool and tag @AubreysAtticCo.