Reasons to Nourish Your Body That Aren’t About Losing Weight

There’s a primary reason for a number of fad-diets, and it’s to encourage losing weight. Dieting, restriction and the drive for a thinner body can be a slippery slope. Understanding that you can enjoy a balance of a variety of foods is the key. Food shouldn’t be good or bad. There are ways to nourish your body with food that isn’t bland and sad, and enjoying comforting foods doesn’t mean you’ve fallen off the wagon or require you to feel guilty. 

Knowing the ways you’re helping your body by eating certain foods may make you feel less pressured and less focused on body image. Different food groups can strengthen your nails, vitalize your skin, make your hair shiny and even aid in the production of serotonin —an important feel-good neurotransmitter. 

Foods high in protein such as fish, poultry, dairy products, soy products and nuts and seeds provide a number of benefits. Protein helps maintain immune system functioning, protecting you from getting sick as often. It also improves cognitive functions, like memory, recall and problem solving. Fibrous foods like, fruit, vegetables, grains and nuts aid in regulating your digestion and make your skin more vibrant, according to

Omega-3 foods like spinach, salmon and broccoli can aid in one’s perception of stress and may decrease feelings of depression, as states.

A lack of calcium in your diet can lead to anxious and depressive symptoms, so eating foods like leafy greens, grains, fortified cereals and orange juice can help in that aspect. Many fad-diets love to deem carbohydrates as a “bad” food group, but eating carbohydrates is incredibly important to your health. Carbohydrates are our body's number one source of energy. Even if you’re just sitting in classes throughout the day, it’s essential that our brains have the energy from carbs to properly function. Eating more whole grains, fruits and legumes can improve hormone production and increase serotonin production as well, according to

Participating in life and creating memories will likely include food, as so many cultures value food. So you should enjoy it carefree because these sentiments are much more valuable and important than trying to shrink yourself. Even in search of comfort, we rely on food and there’s nothing wrong with that. Yes, it’s crucial to fuel and nourish our bodies, but nourishing our minds and feelings is just as significant.