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My Thoughts on the Season 3 “Love is Blind” Couples

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.

Love is Blind has taken the world by storm once again as their third season was released over the last couple of weeks. The first season came out in February 2020 and followed 30 men and women over the course of several weeks as they got to know one another in the “Pods.” In the “Pods,” the participants are able to talk to one another, but could not see each other face to face, until a proposal occurs on day 10. After getting engaged, the couples have  four weeks to plan their weddings, meet each other’s families, and experience what life would be like in the real world before ultimately deciding if they would say “I do” at the altar. 

As it was no less entertaining and drama-packed than the first two seasons, season three did not disappoint. Of the five couples that made it out of the “Pods” with an engagement, there was a wide range of personalities and problems that the couples faced. Some couples showed growth and commitment to one other, while others proved that they just weren’t quite meant for each other. Before continuing on, please be aware that there are many spoilers about each couple ahead!

Alexa and brennon

This was the first couple that we see get engaged, and it typically means that they are one of the stronger couples from the season. I was very optimistic about this couple. Every scene that the audience saw of them was full of laughter and kindness. There were  never many conflicts between the pairing, leading them to ask themselves if things were “too perfect” between them. The only time that Alexa disclosed any problems was when talking to the other girls about her sexual chemistry with Brennon. However, Alexa said that as soon as she communicated to Brennon what she wanted, things resolved quickly and easily. I love this couple because although they come from very different cultural, religious and financial backgrounds, they were always open, curious and eager to have conversations and learn from one another. 

Raven and SK

I was extremely skeptical of this couple at first. I felt as if the audience watched  Raven grow as a person throughout the season: from doing burpees while one of her dates was opening up emotionally to her to shutting down other men’s approaches outside the pods to being able to compromise parts of her “dream wedding” and instead incorporate her fiance’s culture. SK was always patient with Raven and remained calm even when she brought up concerns regarding what their married life would be like. SK’s famous line includes  that he was determined to love Raven “the Raven way.” I mean, c’mon, how cute is that. Although the two didn’t end up getting married, they are currently still together in a long-distance relationship as SK finishes up school in California and Raven continues to work in Texas.

Matt and Colleen

This may be a very unpopular opinion, but I don’t believe that these two should have gotten married on the show. However, my opinion only stems from what the viewers saw from the show, which is ultimately a very small snippet of their lives together. Matt had been previously married and had been cheated on. It was clear that he still had not fully healed from his previous heart break. He had moments of explosive anger and struggled to have a calm discussion once he got upset, which happened quickly, often and out of proportion. Colleen also was not my favorite character as she didn’t seem to care or respect Matt’s emotions regarding his trauma and what he had been through in his past relationships. She seemed very superficial throughout the season and even admitted that she didn’t like “getting deep” with her thoughts, which her parents also called her out on when they met Matt. Overall, I feel that both Matt and Colleen both have some personal problems to work through. I hope that they can help one another grow.

Cole and zanab

On their vacation, just days after proposing in the “Pods”, Cole had talked to Colleen and essentially hit on her by calling her attractive and saying things like “maybe in the real world” things could have worked out between the two of them. Colleen is also guilty for engaging in this conversation, but I do believe that Cole was the one driving it. Regardless, Cole told Zanab that he found Colleen more attractive than her, which led to a spiral of problems over the next 4 weeks before their wedding. Cole had repeatedly made comments that made Zanab feel insecure about her weight and appearance. However, Zanab wasn’t perfect either. She was extremely critical of Cole, even when it came to him cooking dinner for her. Ultimately the two just weren’t meant to be and seemed to need very different types of partners than what they were for each other.

nancy and bartise

Bartise just seemed like he knew nothing about women or being a kind person based on how he treated Nancy. I was optimistic about them when they were in the pods as they made each other laugh, had fun personalities and had optimistic outlooks on life. However, once they met all the other couples, Bartise did not hesitate to tell Nancy how much more he was attracted to Raven, even telling her that in the outside world, Raven and him “made more sense” as a couple when people would look at them together. The couple also had conversations regarding their financial situations and perspectives on abortion. Although these conversations between the two of them were civil, Bartise did not hesitate to tell his family all about Nancy’s views when they met her for the first time, suddenly turning the happy event sour. Even when Bartise said no at the altar, the way that he treated Nancy’s family and spoke to them was despicable. I don’t know if he is arrogant or simply acts entitled, but I hope he gets a wake up call after watching this season back.

Overall, I truly enjoyed this season of Love is Blind, possibly more than season two. I felt this season had a broad spectrum of representation and diversity as it showed us a lot of different couples from various backgrounds. I feel that there are lessons to take away from some of these couples when it comes to our own relationships, and I hope that this may have convinced you to give the show a watch if you haven’t already.

Maya is a 5th Year Medical Student at UMKC. Even though she is working towards a very STEM orientated major, Maya enjoys using writing as a creative outlet. When Maya isn't studying, she enjoys writing (duh), soccer, music, and shopping.