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Looking Back: My Experience as a Remote Intern

Being someone who aspires to work in the entertainment industry, I recognize that most of the opportunities to get your foot in the door are in major metropolises like Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago and Atlanta. While Kansas City has a flourishing art scene, there are still a pretty limited number of work opportunities that can get you to Hollywood (which, fingers crossed, is where I’ll eventually end up). So, armed with this understanding, my goal has always been to make calculated moves and strides toward eventually landing an internship at a major studio or production company in the Golden State.

My roadmap changed a little bit when we were hit by a global pandemic. My initial plan to spend my summer abroad in Scotland was totally derailed, my backup summer internship got canceled and I hadn’t been selected for the handful of other last-minute internships I’d applied for. While this summer offered me time to take a couple of classes and work on some passion projects I had always set aside, it also offered me quite a bit of time to think. And let me assure you, I thought a lot… like, maybe too much.

Anyway, the shifting landscape that manifested as a result of COVID-19 opened doors for so many people ― including me ― thanks to the ability to work remotely. So, over the summer, I landed an incredibly promising internship as a remote Research & Development Intern for the fall semester at the Emmy-nominated production studio, Wise Entertainment. Instead of having to physically go to Los Angeles as I’d always planned, I was able to secure my first industry internship without having to leave my house, saving me so much time and money while still giving me invaluable experience to add to my resumé. 

Despite it being an entirely remote position with team members scattered across the country, my supervisors have not only given us their complete and unwavering trust, but have also made earnest efforts to create a collaborative and inclusive work environment through regular and virtual team meetings. We’ve all gotten to know each other ― despite many of us never having met before ― and have open and clear lines of communication. We can ask each other for feedback without inhibition or fear, and my supervisors are willing to answer any question I may have, no matter how basic, obvious or elementary it might be. 

As we approach the end of this semester, I’m so happy to have had an opportunity to learn so much about an industry that enthralls and fascinates me this much. This internship has cemented my passion for film and television and has allowed me to meet and connect with many supportive and motivated individuals who want to help me and my fellow interns interpret and navigate the world of entertainment and media. It truly has been an enlightening and transformative experience, and I can’t wait to continue working with the team at Wise during the spring semester and (hopefully) beyond.

Niki is a third-year student at UMKC pursuing double majors in history and English along with a minor in film studies. Outside of writing and re-watching her favorite Tom Cruise movies, you can find her listening to audiobooks while on strolls through the park or walks around her neighborhood. She enjoys talking about travel, literature, health, wellness, and skincare and can never turn down a good cup of tea.
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