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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UMKC chapter.

Studying is something we all have to do, but it can be painfully long and boring at times. I’ve always found it really hard to sit down and get my mind to focus. Then once I start to study, it can be really difficult for me to try and relax once I’m done. Recently though, I’ve found something that can really reduce my stress, while also getting me in the mood to study: lo-fi music. The lo-fi aesthetic is in right now, and it’s the chill music you’ve probably heard in the background of someone’s YouTube video. Lo-fi means low fidelity, and it’s essentially calming music with white noise or distorted sounds set to help you focus and reduce your anxiety. 


I used to study with classical music playing in the background, and I’d find myself zoning out a lot. I wanted to find something that was the perfect amount of mellow. Lo-fi is stimulating enough that I can stay on task, but it’s not too intense or distracting. Listening to it while working is honestly one of my number one productivity tips, and finding lo-fi playlists for any vibe is really easy. 


I’ve also made it a habit to listen to lo-fi hip-hop if I’m having trouble shutting my mind down from the day’s tasks, and it’s helped me get to sleep much easier than in the past. A lot of the songs include different mixes of rain sounds, quiet talking and soft instrumentals. A short playlist I constantly come back to is “I hope you listen to this and feel better | lofi hip hop.” It’s one of the most relaxing playlists I’ve found and I’d definitely recommend it. A more recent favorite of mine is the lo-fi channel Chill with Taiki. Their Spotify page also has a lot of different mix options!


As for finding playlists to fit any other moods, a simple search on YouTube can get you a playlist for whatever you’re feeling at the time. If you are feeling a bit anxious, here’s a chill mix with a soothing sound to help calm your nerves. If you’re feeling down, this “cute songs to help you cope” playlist is 10/10. There’s even a 24/7 Livestream radio that was made for people to relax or study to, so it’s perfect for a late-night study sesh.


Not only has lo-fi music positively influenced my study habits, but it has also honestly lifted my mood. I’ve felt able to relax and recharge a little better than I used to, and it’s done wonders for how I feel overall. No matter what you’re going through, hopefully some of these chill beats can help you take a deep breath and unwind. 

Samiya is a medical student at UMKC. She loves exploring new coffee shops, trying out new beauty trends, and is a sucker for all things wellness!