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Let’s Learn The Beauty of Alone Time in College

Going into college for the first time, you’re encouraged to join this club and that organization to meet new people and eventually becoming friends with them.  I’ve heard the “college experience” lecture multiple times and the majority of it talks about being social. Don’t get me wrong, meeting new people in college is very crucial but I’ve never been told that also having some alone time in this hectic chapter in your life is very important as well. 

During my first year of college, the social aspect was so deeply emphasized that alone time was such a foreign thought to me, and probably for you as well. 

As much as I loved studying with a group of friends, walking to lectures with them, exploring the city with my girls after classes and keeping myself busy juggling this new chapter in my life, I needed to devote some time to be alone. 

You’re busy, you need time to regain your energy. 

It was during my second semester of college juggling classes and my work schedule alongside other responsibilities, I realized that I barely fit me in my own schedule. Eventually during my free time, instead of making moves with my girls, I devoted that time to myself. This ranged from studying alone or going to a boutique I’ve never been to. While doing the little things by myself I realized that I felt somewhat rejuvenated… I guess you can also say that I found out I had a bit of an introvert in me. 

Regardless, when you’re booked and busy you’ll need a good recharge. Take your weekends for advantage, spend that Saturday on a little shopping and lunch at your favorite place and take your time because nobody is rushing you. 

I learned more about myself, by myself.

Entering college is such a huge transition in your life, it’s a huge opportunity to learn more about the world around you. You get new experiences, ones that’ll last. You also get to learn more about yourself. Try to experiment and develop your own personal identity. When you’re constantly around people everyday, you tend to adapt their own traits or philosophies. Don’t distance yourself from your friends; however, just find time to be on your own and develop your own sense of identity. 

You’re going to be busy juggling life in college. I learned that I shouldn’t dread being alone during this time and that it’s a rare opportunity to be able to breathe, reflect and value your own energy and thoughts.

Learn that there’s always a balance between spending time with yourself and spending time with the people you surround with during the next couple years of university. Remember to always find time to relax, recharge and focus that’s truly the beauty of having alone time in such a hectic chapter of your life.

Samira is currently a Business Administration Marketing major and Communications minor at the University of Missouri in Kansas City. With a strong passion for writing and journalism, she hopes to educate you every time you reach the end of one her many motivational articles!
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