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Girl Talk: Ladies, Let’s Talk About Personal Hygiene Hacks

For my whole life, everyone around me stressed the importance of taking care of ourselves and being, well, clean. However, growing up as a lady, they never stressed the significance and the amount of effort we have to go through when it comes to keeping up with our personal hygiene. Although taking care of ourselves is a crucial part in looking and feeling great, many of us just so happen to not have the sufficient time management (ahem… me). And because of this, I wanted to share some of the hacks that I’ve come across that not only help in getting the job done quickly, but are genuinely effective.

Tea Tree Wipes.

Body wipes, and I can’t stress this enough, are so incredibly important in our day-to-day lives. If you’ve had a long, jet packed day and you can’t find the time to take that needed shower, this will most definitely do the job. Using these wipes feels almost the same as taking a fresh shower, and they’re made with natural ingredients as well. It’s okay to not be able to take a shower every day, in fact it’s highly recommended not to. Take advantage of body wipes after a long gym session or in between studying for finals. 

Using natural soaps to clean your vagina.

It’s essential to make sure your pH balance is regular, especially when you’re cleaning down there. I used to use the same body gel in the shower to clean down there and realized how much of a terrible mistake that was. It not only made me feel uncomfortable but it made my pH balance go off (in a bad way). I tried Dr. Bronner’s Baby Unscented Pure Castile Soap, which is inexpensive and makes you feel extremely fresh down there after a shower. This works well during your period as well! Also… quit using Summer’s Eve.

Shaving your facial hairs.

Shaving your face and getting rid of those tiny hairs once in a while is not so bad, and it’s actually incredible in terms of not only helping with bettering you makeup application, but getting rid of dead skin cells. It’s basically an incredibly quick way to exfoliate your face without the pain, unless you accidentally cut your cheek while shaving.

Detangle your hair.

Taking care of your hair is so much work, especially when you barely have time to do all the necessary things to take care of it. I know for my type of hair and texture, it’s easy for me to get tangled up hair super if I don’t comb it every day. I tried this comb to help me better untangle my hair and get rid of those nasty hair knots. It not only helps my hair, but it also helped my wallet. Who’s trying to buy a $50 detangling brush? Not me. 

Try Yoni steaming

Yoni steaming is vaginal steaming, sometimes called v-steaming. This is basically an alternative health regimen that WORKS. This method helps get rid of all the toxins and clean the area down there naturally and comfortably. You could definitely do this at your local spa and feel relaxed. 

There are several hacks for us ladies when it comes to personal hygiene, and there will always be new ones as well. Our bodies are special,sacred and truly art.  We have to take care of ourselves and thrive to maintain that cleanliness at all times. Sure it’s a lot, but in order to be healthy and poppin’, we must take time to take care of ourselves and our health.. 

Samira is currently a Business Administration Marketing major and Communications minor at the University of Missouri in Kansas City. With a strong passion for writing and journalism, she hopes to educate you every time you reach the end of one her many motivational articles!
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