Disney Characters & Their Enneagram Types

The Enneagram is an insightful tool that allows people to reflect on their key motivations, desires and fears. Since I am a hardcore Disney fan, I am constantly analyzing the personalities of all our favorite on-screen characters. I decided it was time for two of my greatest passions to converge.

While none of these characters’ Enneagram types are confirmed by the Disney creators (I checked) I spent lots of time researching (yelling at the TV and arguing with my Facebook friends) to make this list. I “typed” these characters by thinking about what motivates their actions and what they feared the most. Of course, nobody but the character themselves can truly know their Enneagram type, so if you feel like a character would be typed differently, more power to you!

You’ll notice that some of these characters I gave wings to and some I didn’t. A wing on the Enneagram is either side of the main number you test highest on. For example, I am a Type Seven wing Eight (written 7w8) but I know some Type Sevens that are a 7w6. I felt like some of these characters obviously had a wing, while others I couldn’t decide, so I left that part up to you!

  1. 1. Type One - The Reformer

    Type Ones are purposeful, driven and well-organized. Elsa’s key motivation is making things “right” and taking care of her loved ones, so I classified her as a 1w2. It’s hard for her to accept help from others, and she puts lots of pressure on herself to do everything correctly. Mary Poppins is also definitely a One due to her perfectionist tendencies and dedication to making things right.

  2. 2. Type Two - The Helper

    Type Twos are selfless, generous and thoughtful. Snow White exhibits the characteristics of a Two by the way she looks after others and fulfills their needs, even to the point of exhaustion. Anna proves herself to be a Two by the way she prioritizes her love for her friends and family. She craves community and her empathy is what makes her such a good sister and leader.

  3. 3. Type Three - The Achiever

    As a high-energy, driven business woman, Tiana is the epitome of a Type Three. Type Threes are ambitious and motivated by success and the public’s perception of them. The way she spends her life working to meet a goal exhibits the perseverance of Threes. Flynn Rider, aka Eugene Fitzherbert, is also concerned with how he appears to others, and he has lofty dreams. His creativity and fast thinking, indicative of a Type Three, is useful in helping Rapunzel on her journey.

  4. 4. Type Four - The Individualist

    Sometimes seen as temperamental, the expressive and emotional Type Fours are creative and often deal with feelings of inadequacy. Rapunzel is a Type Four, especially seen with the way she surrounds herself with beauty and expresses herself artistically. Belle is a 4w5 since she escapes in books, dreams of bigger things and enjoys solitude with her father. She is proud to express her individuality both in the town as an outcast and in the castle, standing up to the Beast. We see her Wing 5 in her curiosity and love of learning.

  5. 5. Type Five - The Investigator

    Driven by the need to gain knowledge, Type Fives are inquisitive, logical and often isolated. Marlin, from “Finding Nemo,” has a tendency to get stuck in thinking before he makes any decisions, which is something that many Fives are guilty of. Sometimes his anxiety and overthinking gets in the way of his relationships, but overall, he thinks logically. I classified him as a 5w6. Jane from “Tarzan” is also a Type Five, seen by the way she loves to make new discoveries. She is scientifically minded, curious, quickly learns the language of the apes and successfully teaches Tarzan all by herself.

  6. 6. Type Six - The Loyalist

    Type Sixes are motivated by a need to feel secure, which often comes out as fear or anxiety. Sebastian from “The Little Mermaid” exhibits the controlling attitude that often appears in Type Sixes. Their desire for safety means they are also fiercely loyal to their loved ones and excel at emotional bonding. We see this loyalty in the way Cinderella loves her friends and is able to emotionally connect to everyone she meets. I typed her as a 6w7 since she loves dreaming and has such an optimistic attitude.

  7. 7. Type Seven - The Enthusiast

    woman eating popcorn

    Type Sevens are enthusiastic, energetic and motivated by the need to avoid any type of negative emotions. Prince Naveen is a Seven, seen in the way he loves to party and initially doesn’t want to settle down. He bonds quickly with everyone he comes in contact with on his journey, which is indicative of the friendliness and optimism of Type Sevens. Ariel is classified as a 7w8 because of her big dreams, curiosity and fiery attitude. She has a tendency to get distracted and lose track of time, and she is restless to explore more of the world. Her Wing 8 is shown by the way she argues with her dad and fights for justice.

  8. 8. Type Eight - The Challenger

    Sometimes seen as aggressive or temperamental, Type Eights excel at confrontation and leadership. Their biggest motivation is defending justice for themselves and others. Jasmine is a Type Eight, obvious in the way she fights for herself and remains confident in who she is throughout different trials. Mulan is also classified as a Type Eight, since she is so passionate about defending her family that she is willing to fight for them.

  9. 9. Type Nine - The Peacemaker

    Last but not least is the easygoing, receptive Type Nines, motivated by the need to create peace. Pocahontas is a 9w8, since she is also passionate about justice and standing up for what’s right. She fights only when necessary and always for the purpose of achieving harmony for all. Alice is classified as a Type Nine as well, obvious by the way she is dreamy and complacent. She is easygoing and non-confrontational.

With nine different Types, Wings, subtypes, stacking instincts and levels of integration and lines, the Enneagram is a vast resource set up to help us understand each other and work well together. This can be a lot to comprehend for even the most seasoned Enneagram fans! If you want to learn more about why the Enneagram matters or more about your Type, check out The Integrative Nine.

If you don’t know your type, I always suggest taking the Enneagram Institute RHETI test because it is the most accurate. However, you can find a free test here. For more Enneagram fun, check out this article about the Enneagram Types as Jonas Brothers lyrics.