Enneagram Types as Jonas Brothers Songs

If anyone knows me, they know I love two things: the Jonas Brothers and the Enneagram. The Jonas Brothers are timeless musical geniuses and the Enneagram is a valuable tool that helps us navigate self-discovery and relationships. So let’s dive into some of the best Jo Bros lyrics and how they help us become more self-aware. Mind you, these aren’t necessarily the songs that will be your favorite, but they will definitely be the ones you relate to the best.

  1. 1. Type One: “Take a Breath”

    “Don't forget to take a breath /

    We blink our eyes, life's rearranged /

    To our surprise, it's still okay /

    It's the way things happen /

    Summer comes and then it goes /

    Hold on tight, and brace for cold /

    And it's only for a moment”

    Type ones are perfectionists. They keep themselves busy and prioritize doing the “right” thing. While they are well organized, they sometimes can be impatient, particularly with themselves. This song will be relatable for these hard workers who need a reminder to go easy on themselves.

  2. 2. Type Two: “Hesitate”

    “I will take your pain /

    And put it on my heart /

    I won’t hesitate /

    Just tell me where to start”

    Type twos are people pleasers. Generous and empathetic, these helpers often fear feeling unwanted. This song perfectly illustrates how twos prioritize the people in their life and try to carry their burdens for them.

  3. 3. Type Three: “Cool”

    “Is it me, or am I just havin' a good year?

    Lately, I've been feelin' so cool (cool)

    Top to the bottom, just cool (cool)

    Every little thing that I do (do)

    Dammit, I feel so cool

    It's like, ooh (ooh)

    Maybe I should bottle my moves (moves)

    Sell 'em for a dollar or two (two)”

     Passionate about perception, type threes are aware of their success and their public persona. They are pragmatic, ambitious, and self-conscious. They are usually competitive, which sometimes leads to being overly concerned with how others view them.

  4. 4. Type Four: “Lovebug”

    “Called her for the first time yesterday /

    Finally found the missing part of me /

    Felt so close but you were far away /

    Left me without anything to say”

    Our generation’s most iconic love song is undoubtedly relatable to these hopeless romantics. Type fours are generally withdrawn and artsy, often concerned with expressing their individuality. They imagine scenarios in their head, focusing on what makes them unique.

  5. 5. Type Five: “Black Keys” 

    “Don't let them get /

    Oh /

    Inside of your head /

    Sometimes a fight /

    Is better /

    Black and white”

    Analytical and private, fives often see in black and white. Type fives often obsess with their imaginative constructs, and get stuck in their own heads. They will relate to how these lyrics illustrate that a thirst for knowledge and control might cause loneliness. 

  6. 6. Type Six: “Paranoid”

    “I make the most of all the stress /

    I try to live without regrets /

    But I'm about to break a sweat /

    I'm freakin' out / 

    It's like a poison in my brain /

    It's like a fog that blurs the sane /

    It's like a vine you can't untangle”

     With lyrics that perfectly describe what it’s like to imagine worst-case scenarios, “Paranoid” is the national anthem for these practical, witty thinkers who are motivated by a need for security. Type sixes are reliable and witty, but easily get defensive and anxious. They analyze every situation to see if they will have guidance, and they always benefit from affirmation. 

  7. 7. Type Seven: “Only Human” 

    “You got all my love to spend, oh /

    Let's find a place where happiness begins /

    We gon' dance in my living room, slave to the way you move /

    Hurts when I'm leaving you (ayy) /

    Just dance in the living room, love with an attitude”

     Type sevens often obsessed with avoiding negative emotions. In order to focus on the positive, sevens are spontaneous and scatter-brained. This song definitely embodies how sevens try to make the most out of every situation, due to their tendency to be easily bored or distracted.

  8. 8. Type Eight: “S.O.S.”

    “Well I'm done with awkward situation's empty, conversations /

    This is an S.O.S. /

    Don't wanna second guess /

    This is the bottom line”

    Prone to hiding their emotions, eights that actually open up their hearts to someone will relate to the disappointment Nick sings about. They also don’t take crap from anybody and will speak up for themselves if someone steps on their toes. This is usually easy for them, since they are self-confident and worry about others controlling them.

  9. 9. Type Nine: “Comeback”

    “Wherever you are right now /

    Know somehow /

    I'll be on the way like a bat out of hell /

    Heaven knows I'm proud but I'll turn 'round /

    Baby, if you stay then I won't let you down, oh /

    Whatever we've done, whatever we'll do /

    Baby, if you come back now /

    I'll come back to you”

    Laid-back and accommodating, this song is perfect for type nines, who want to avoid conflict at all costs, especially with their loved ones. They are reassuring, sometimes complacent and trusting. Since they don’t like loss or tension, they work hard to make peace with the people in their lives.

There you go! Throw on a red dress and jam out — these songs are catchy with relatable lyrics. If you don’t know what type you are, there are a ton of free tests or Instagram accounts to help you discover which one you relate to the most. Meanwhile, this 7w8 is going to go find a table to dance on.