Best LUSH Bath Bombs for a Steamy Valentine's Day

Taking a bath with a LUSH bath bomb is personally one of the ways I practice self-care. With Valentine’s Day coming up, I figured it would be a great idea to try out some bath bombs and show myself some love. If you’re someone who’s looking for the perfect bath bomb for Valentine’s Day or needs recommendations on buying your first bath bomb, look no further. Here are some of my top picks:

1. Goddess

Inspired by Ariana Grande’s ‘God Is A Woman’ music video, Goddess quickly fizzes to reveal mystical purple and grey swirls. Your bath will definitely look like a scene from the music video. With ingredients such as cocoa butter, Goddess will absolutely moisturize your skin. The glitter in Goddess is also plastic-free, ensuring that your bath does not harm the environment.

2. Peachy

When LUSH released this bath bomb as a part of their 2019 Valentine’s day collection, I knew I had to try it out. If you are a lover of fruity scents (peaches in particular), you will not be disappointed. When I dropped it in my bathtub, I was definitely left s-peach-less. The pink and orange swirls formed from the fizzing definitely will make your bathtub peachy.

3. Sex Bomb

Known as a cult-favorite due to its sensual scent (which is not overpowering), sex bomb aims to please. With gentle ingredients such as soy milk, this is the perfect bath bomb to try out if you have sensitive skin. The dissolved bath bomb also reveals a rose, which is great if you’ve never been on the Bachelor but have always wanted to accept a rose.

4. Love Boat

All aboard the love boat! With fresh ingredients such as rose oil and sweet orange oil, you can expect this bath to be soothing and fragrant. It is also a slow fizzer, which is great if you love taking pictures of your #bathart. The zesty and floral scent definitely makes Love Boat a perfect bath bomb for LUSH’s Valentine’s day collection.

Whatever bath bomb you choose to purchase, I am sure you will have a great bath filled with colorful swirls. Remember, Valentine’s Day isn’t just a couples day, it’s also a chance for you to treat yourself to some rest & relaxation. I hope everyone has a great Valentine’s day unwinding and relaxing with a warm bath.