3 TikTok Recipes I Love

After living through the pandemic for over a year, I was looking back on all of the fun things I did during quarantine. Most of my time has been spent scrolling through one of the most popular social media apps right now, TikTok. When going back through some of my first saved videos, I saw a ton of food content. Last year, I indulged myself in making all of the fun, random recipes TikTok had to offer. Here are my top three of all that I tried!

  1. This is probably the recipe that started all of the quick food trends that have circulated the internet lately. It’s a delicious whipped coffee recipe that takes no longer than 5 minutes to make. All you need is milk, instant coffee, sugar and water. Just whip equal parts of the instant coffee, sugar and water together until you get a fluffy consistency. Then, add it on top of a glass of milk. Mix it all together and you’re done. It’s that simple.

  2. As a bread lover, when I first saw this trend going around, I knew I had to try it. Like most TikTok recipes, the ingredients were pretty minimal. All you need is egg whites, sugar, cornstarch, and, if you’re feeling it, some food coloring. I first whipped the egg whites, sugar, and cornstarch together to get stiff peaks. I chose not to add food coloring when I made it, but if you want to try it out, go for it. I added it onto a baking sheet and put it in the oven to bake. What I got after that was warm, fluffy and delicious bread. It was super airy, and my whole family seemed to really love it! Though, if you’re not a fan of eggs, I wouldn’t advise you to make this recipe since the bread definitely had an eggy taste.

  3. This was the last food trend I tried. Hot chocolate may seem like more of a wintertime treat, but I believe it’s a great drink for any time of the year. This recipe calls for milk, hot chocolate mix, marshmallows, meltable chocolate and a chocolate mold. First, melt the chocolate and add a thin layer to the molds. When it hardens, take the chocolate out of the mold and add the hot chocolate mix, marshmallows and any other treats you want to add. Take another one of the chocolates from the mold and use it as a lid for the chocolate you just filled. To seal the chocolate halves together, add some of the melted chocolate on all of the cracks and wait for the ball to cool. Finally, put your newly made hot chocolate bomb in a cup and pour hot milk over it. The chocolate should melt and the fillings will rise to the surface! This is personally my top recipe from this list because hot chocolate is my all-time favorite drink.

While trying out new recipes is not something I’d usually do, the ease of TikTok recipes definitely changed that for me. I’ve found a lot of food hacks and simpler versions of otherwise complex dishes. There are a ton of quick and easy finds on the app, and they are absolute game-changers for busy college students.