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Withdrawing From a Class: Is it Worth it?

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Every college student has thought about withdrawing from a class at some point. That one class that is either demanding way too much, you are not doing so hot in it or that you simply hate. Is it worth it to drop the course though?


Many people will give you different answers to that question, depending on the person. It is a tough situation definitely, and not one that is easy to decide. There are many factors to be thought about first.


For starters, some classes really are just too much. If a class is ever affecting you mentally in a negative way, and you are not thinking rationally in other areas of life, it may be a sign that withdrawing from that class is your best option. If a class is dragging down your GPA, this is also a good sign it is time to drop the course. Once it goes down, it is very hard to get it back up.


If you just hate the class, maybe you should try and stick with it. If it is looking like you will pass with a C or higher, or the class is not affecting your mental health, then I do not suggest dropping. We all have classes we dislike, but in the end, they are always worth it.


You may be asking yourself, “Does withdrawing ruin my chances of getting into graduate school?” The answer to that is dependable. One or two “W” on your transcript will not kill you. The people on the admissions board understand that many withdraw for more reasons than just grades or level of difficulty. I would personally say three or more would not look the best, but that is at your own discretion.


Like I said, withdrawing from classes is not an easy choice. Clear your head, talk to an advisor and do what is best for you.

Taylon is a senior English student student at UK. She is both a Staff Writer and Social Media Director for Her Campus UK. She is involved in College Mentors for Kids as the Vice President of Fundraising, Sigma Tau Delta - English Honors Fraternity, and Robinson Scholars. Her go-to Starbucks drink is an iced cold brew with almond milk and two pumps of white chocolate mocha.
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