Why I Stopped Counting Calories

Being a young woman who isn’t considered small, I have always heard comments made to me such as “You would be so beautiful if you lost a little weight,” or “Have you thought about cutting back on bread?” Years of these comments has always made me feel ashamed of the way I am and I always constantly looked for ways to diet. I am sure many of you have these same issues and you are just as tired as I am of this feeling of guilt for how you are.


It took me a long time to realize this, but eventually I decided that I had to stop counting calories. Counting calories can really help to manage weight, yes, but it made me feel like I was only doing this for someone else to see me as pretty. You see, I do not count calories anymore, but I now look out for my own health.


Being overweight is something that can be very stressful on your body and I mean physically stressful. However, never try and lose weight just to please your family members or that group of girls you want to hang out with. Be with people that love and support you and that think you are beautiful exactly how you are.


In a nutshell, I stopped counting calories because I was tired of letting numbers define me. I was tired of trying to lose weight to be pretty. I was tired of feeling constantly hungry. I was tired of not being able to be myself.


Today, I eat better and I do eat mindfully. I try to exercise and I avoid situations that might cause me to break and overeat. This isn’t for anyone else now, this is for my own personal health and benefit.


Ladies, your body is so important. It is the thing that literally holds you together. Take care of your bodies but do it for you. I know so many New Year’s Resolutions are to get a bikini body by spring break. I challenge you to change that instead make your resolution to  work on lowering your cholesterol, or even to exercise thirty minutes each day.


Whatever it is, do this thing for you and no one else, because you deserve it!