Sustainable and Ethical Living Tips for College Students

Sustainable and ethical living is a big idea on the rise at the moment. With the inevitable effects of climate change coming faster, many people are trying their best to live a lifestyle that is healthier for the planet and those on it. Sustainable and ethical living, in my simplest definition, is living in a way that does as little harm to the environment, animals, and people as possible.


As college students, it can be very difficult to incorporate sustainability into our lifestyle, but there are little steps that can be taken which can still create positive change.


  • Don’t buy stuff

The most obvious tip to living a sustainable and ethical lifestyle is to simply not purchase new items. Even the most ethical and eco-friendly brands are still producing things which ultimately has negative impact. Only buy what you really need. As college students, this advice is necessary anyway. Obviously, food and toiletries are necessities, but there are other ways to buy those ethically.


  • If you must, thrift

Thrift shopping is obviously the new big trend. But it should not just be a fad. Thrifting is a great way to be more sustainable and ethical with your purchases. Because your payment is not supporting the production of new fast fashion, thrifting is the most ethical way to buy clothing.


  • Use Reusables

There are few good excuses to not have predominately reusable items. Water bottles, straws, shopping bags, and many more items are available in reusable options. This reduces waste and the dependency on single-use plastic.


  • Support Sustainable and Ethical Companies

Do your research. There are plenty of resources online available to see what companies pay their workers livable wages, don’t test on animals, use sustainable materials, etc. For clothing, aside from thrift stores, there are high-end companies that make wardrobe staples ethically and sustainably. There are make-up companies which are cruelty free and vegan. There are many businesses and companies out there that are good for the environment and its people, you just have to look.


There are many simple ways to begin living more sustainably, even as a college student. In college, we are not capable of growing all our own food, powering our own home and avoiding consumerism as a whole, but there are other options to have a positive impact on our world.