Spring Must Haves

It is still February, but Punxsutawney Phil says spring is right around the corner. With such a change is weather and a definite change in trends, here are some things to add to your list on your next run to the store.

  1. With spring comes rain, and with these boots come with style and protection from the puddle. They come in four neutral color choices for any outfit. These are also an affordable alternative to Hunter boots. Be sure to look for these the next time you’re at Target!

  2. The spring showers can sometimes seem like more of a storm when you’re walking to class, and your backpack may take the hardest hit in the rain since some umbrellas may not completely cover them. While these may not be the prettiest thing to look at, they definitely serve their purpose. These covers just simply slip over your bag, acting as an easy-to-use barrier to keep your books and laptop safe and dry.

  3. If you’re anywhere near a college campus, you’re bound to have seen these once or twice on a rainy day. The clear design allows you to look out through the material as if it were a windshield. The design protects both the head and shoulders unlike other umbrellas.

  4. The spring temperature change can be tough on skin, and liquid foundation can seem scaly or cakey on the skin during this transition period. A tinted moisturizer may be the perfect medium between full on foundations and proper skin care. With many of the tinted  moisturizers, you can build up coverage and create anything from natural to glam.

  5. Spring is most definitely the time for pastel colors. A marbled/tie-dyed look with pastel colors can perfectly combine the colors of spring with a hopeful summer print. These can also be super comfy and casual prints or dresses up in a fun way. Target has some pastel tie-dye tops, hoodies, and even sweatpants.

All of these items are an absolute must-have or at least must try for this upcoming spring season!