Sorority Recruitment Survival Guide

Hey ladies! Welcome back to school! Hopefully you’re getting settled in—but you’re probably not too cozy if you’re going through sorority recruitment. Don’t let the nerves take over, though; recruitment should be fun! Being on the other side of it as someone who is recruiting new PNMs, I can tell you that there is really no reason to stress! We want all of you lovely ladies to not only trust the process (bet you didn’t think you’d hear that again) but also truly enjoy it. We want you to have an amazing recruitment experience and find your forever homes, but we do understand how nerve-wracking it can be- it wasn’t too long ago that we were in your shoes. So, here are a few tips & tricks to help you through rush and even a mini survival kit of all the things you may need.


  • Ask Questions, Be Curious, and Have an Open Mind 

As much as we want to know about you, I’m sure you have just as many questions for us! Please, ask away! This not only prevents the conversations from turning into an interview, but it also allows us to know what you are interested in and leads to more in-depth conversations. Have an open mind going into recruitment—your family and friends may think one way, but they aren’t the ones who will be spending four years as a sorority sister. Ultimately, the decision is up to you. There are so many things that make each chapter unique, and learning about each one without any presumptions will help you find where you fit best with no regrets.


  • Don’t Oversell Yourself

We are trying to get to know you girls as individuals. So, don’t ramble on about volunteer work that you “had” to do in high school because you think that’s what we want to hear. Obviously, it is great that you volunteered and of course we want a philanthropic sister! But, we want to hear what you are truly passionate about it (and if it is volunteer work, then great!!). Tell us some of your other hobbies and interests and that will flow into a more natural conversation!


  • Looks Aren’t Everything

I’m sure you spent a lot of time this summer planning your rush outfits—we did, too! But, please know this isn’t the most important thing. We aren’t looking at whether or not your shoes are trendy enough or if your hair frizzed up from the rain (two things I worried about when I went through rush). We just want to have meaningful conversations with you, so don’t stress out if your outfit isn’t picture perfect – what is going to set you apart from all the other PNMs is your character, not your sense of style. 


  • Have a Question Ready

Take some time away from outfit planning and use it for conversation planning. Think about one thing you want to know from each house you go to, even if it’s the same question for multiple houses. This will not only give you something to talk about if the conversation does happen to dwindle, but also allows you to differentiate between houses when they start to blur together. It shows the recruiter that you have an interest in their sorority and allows you to have more clarity.


  • This is Your Living Room, Too.

We love our sorority house living room and feel at home every time we lounge on the comfy couches. That being said, we want you to feel comfortable, too. It’s okay to relax and enjoy it like your own living room (except maybe don’t kick your feet up). This will easily calm your nerves and makes for a much more natural conversation. Plus, it can help you realize where you feel the most at home.


  • A Smile Goes a Long Way ☺

I’m sure you have heard this a million and one times, but SMILE--it’s contagious! Need I say more?


Here is a little emergency kit to help you through rush! These are some things that came in handy when I went through recruitment, so hopefully you find some of them useful!

  • Oil Blotting Sheets

  • Mini Retractable Fan

  • Chap stick

  • Rollerball perfume

  • Mints (don’t chew gum when talking to a recruiter)

  • Water bottle

  • Flip Flops (if you need to run between houses)

  • Hair tie (trust me, you’ll need it)

  • Floss/toothpick

  • Pencil/Paper (jot down notes about how you felt after each house)


Those are all the tips I have for you, but remember, don’t stress too much about this whole process. It is going to be overwhelming, and that’s okay, but it should be equally exciting. Good luck ladies, and I know you’ll find your home soon!