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Realizing I Cannot Be in Five Places at Once

Photo by Alisa Anton


I have a bad habit. Far worse than biting my nails, cracking my knuckles and bouncing my leg. I have a bad habit of filling up my schedule so much that if one class, meeting or anything else in between runs long I will not have time to eat… or breathe.


Now I know I cannot be in so many different places at once, but I still choose to try to fit everything in to make everyone happy even if that means taking away a little bit of time for myself. I did not realize how much of a tailspin I was in until I did not have enough time to eat lunch a few days out of the week.


“Enjoy your last year. Take time to really relish in your last year of freedom,” every adult human said right after realizing it is my last semester, and month, as an undergrad. A thing I have not actually done this semester because I have been too caught up in life happening that I forget to take it all in.


Even though I cannot change my schedule with a month left, I can change prioritizing time for myself. Spending a little time each day to give myself and my brain a rest before I run downtown to work or on campus for class.


In order to get away from the insanity of life, I take a drive. Usually to Barnes and Noble, in the middle of rush hour traffic, to buy another book I do not have time for, but will read anyway to decompress. Other times, I will spend time down at my favorite coffee shop, divulging in coffee and falling a little more in love with the people of Lexington. I will even clean to step away from life to relax.


If you are anything like me and fill your schedule like you can be in five places at once, please take time for yourself.


Twenty year old ISC major taking life day to day through a Polaroid camera.
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