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My Affordable Skin Care Routine

Skincare and personalized spa treatments are becoming insanely popular, but some are extremely expensive and completely unrealistic for a college student to afford. It is easy to buy a product from Amazon, Sephora, or Ulta and just use it with no experience or knowledge, but the results of this can be risky. I have tried two at home skincare treatments that I think are easy to do at home, and relatively affordable. 




Dermaplaning is the use of a surgical ten blade to remove the top layer of skin, or basically shaving your face. Dermaplaning is popular because it is a form of exfoliation, and helps products penetrate your skin more, and also gives your makeup a smoother application.

A great dermaplaning tool is by STACKEDSKINCARE. It is available at Sephora for $75; I know this is kind of expensive, but it costs a lot less than going to a dermatologist or a esthetician for $140 per appointment. 


Before I even brought a dermaplaning tool, I did lots of research and I came across this video, that I think is educational and makes understanding the dermaplaning process super simple.

Dermaplaning should only be done once a month or every three to four weeks, so it is something that is pretty easy to keep up with, giving you flawless skin without taking up too much time, or breaking the bank.


Waxing at Home


Waxing is one of my favorite beauty treatments, but it can get really expensive. To try to alleviate that cost, I tried waxing at home. Let me first start by saying that if getting waxed by a professional is too painful for you, then waxing at home is going to be excruciating. I also do not recommend waxing your bikini line, because it is entirely too painful for you to do on your own; I only wax my legs, underarms and stomach. Although waxing can be painful, its most definitely worth the pain in my opinion, because the wax lasts a lot longer than shaving and has a cleaner appearance than shaving. 

I really recommend watching this video to learn how to wax properly. 

These are the three items I use to wax, and they are all under $30!

Parissa Waxing Spatulas – $3.99

Wakse Mini Rose Gold Hard Wax Beans – $15

Wakse Reusable Melting Pot – $10


Hopefully this helps you ladies save some money, while staying beautiful at the same time! Remember to do your research in addition to this article to make sure that whatever treatment you choose is right for you, and you are doing it in the safest way possible!

Hi everyone! I'm Nia, a junior Communications major with a Journalism minor. I enjoy sports, skincare, and food. You will most likely see me working at one of the many sporting events at UK. I enjoy writing and I look forward to writing about a multitude of topics!
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