Low Sodium Diets: Dos and Don'ts

Low sodium diets may not be for everyone but for me it’s my new normal, and like others who have issues with high blood pressure and breaking down sodium this is something they have to watch out for on a daily basis.



  • Find a alternative for sodium such as ‘No Salt Salt’

  • Check all of your food labels

  • Cut out processed foods

  • Look into a fruit and vegetable based diet

  • Drink as much coffee, tea, and orange juice as you like

  • Seafood that is fresh is always a go

  • Fresh chicken cooked at home

  • Season food with vinegars, garlic, lemon and lime juice



  • Eat things such as Bacon, Sausage, Ham

  • Pizza and other fast food is a big 'No'

  • Cut back on soft drinks

  • Check how the water you drink is processed

  • Avoid self rising flours and corn meals

  • If something is in plastic it is usually high in sodium

  • Avoid soups and broths that are high in sodium

  • If a pasta based diet is preferred use vinegar in place of salt in sauces

  • Most breads need to be avoided

  • Avoid processed sauces such as bbq sauces, ketchup, mustard, and salad dressings and mayo.

  • Avoid pre-seasoned meats stores


This is not a full standard of instructions of dos and don’ts when it comes to a low sodium diet but this is the basics of what you wish to follow when beginning this diet.


It’s not a simple diet to follow but it will help you to feel better in the end. This is also a diet recommended for individuals who cannot break down sodium or who suffer from high blood pressure.