How to Take Your Self-Care to the Next Level

Self-care is more than doing a face mask and calling it a day. It’s about showing up for yourself and being present. Taking care of yourself is so important, especially when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Your body is capable of amazing things and does so much for you every day. It’s important to take a step back and take care of your body, physically and mentally. Here are some ways I incorporate self care into my daily and weekly routine. Follow along to turn your routine into a ritual.

  1. 1. Moving my body

    Moving your body is a really good way to get your blood flowing and keep your lymph nodes moving, which prevents you from getting sick. Even the slightest bit of movement like walking or stretching can make a difference in your mood. This is a time to think about yourself and not worry about what's going on around you. If you are feeling up for it, a workout can help you feel good because it will give you a boost of endorphins, which is a chemical that makes you feel happy.

  2. 2. Skin care

    My skin care routine is my favorite part of the day. This is my “me time.” After I shower, I have a specific routine I follow which helps me feel like I have control. First, I put on my serum, then my moisturizer, and finally, my toner. If I really feel like treating myself, I will do a face mask, use my jade roller, do a lip scrub or do my eyebrows to feel good about myself. Doing this skin care routine is not only good for my skin, but it is a time where I can relax and focus on myself.

  3. 3. Schedule down time

    Something I like to do when I am really stressed is schedule an hour before bed to watch my favorite show or read a book. Doing this lets me forget about why I am feeling stressed or anxious and keeps my mind occupied for a little bit before I fall asleep.

  4. 4. Breathework

    Breathing is so great for so many reasons, including reducing stress and anxiety, lowering heart rate and blood pressure, improving self love and relationships, and much more. There are also different breathing patterns that help with different things.

  5. 5. Eating healthy and drinking water

    Eating healthy can be a struggle at times and I definitely do not do it all the time, but when I am stressed, I know I feel better about myself when I indulge in a healthy meal. I have more energy and, again, it gives me a sense of control.

  6. 6. Taking a warm shower or bath

    I personally love taking showers. To me, it feels like I'm rinsing my day away, and it's my way of telling my brain to wind down. The warmth of the water comforts me and the steam helps me breath. A trick to take you shower even further is to hang Eucalyptus from your shower head. When the shower starts to steam, the Eucalyptus will help you relax.

  7. 7. Candles, incense, and essential oils

    I am a firm believer in aromatherapy. Different scents can help your mind and body with different things such as relaxation, energy or pain. Light up your favorite scents and get to relaxing.

  8. 8. Meditation/Yoga

    This can help with calming your mind and being in tune with your body. It is also a good time to practice self-affirmations and breathing. Meditation and yoga are great for mindfulness. I use the app Headspace for meditation and SarahBethYoga on YouTube for yoga.

  9. 9. Journaling

    Journaling is so beneficial for self care. Journaling can help regulate your emotions and release how you feel – good or bad. Something I do is make my journal creative by adding calligraphy, pictures and artifacts. This lets me have a creative outlet and makes journaling more enjoyable for me. Your journal is a great place to release your feelings and set some intentions, manifestations, goals and affirmations.

Most importantly: Listening to my body

If there is one thing you take from this article, is it listening to your body. Some days, I feel like I can’t get out of bed and that's perfectly okay. In that case, I will spend the day binging my favorite show. Some days, I feel like I could do a really intense workout, and that's great! If my body is telling me I am hungry, I eat! Some days, all I want it’s comfort food, and if that's what is going to make me feel good, I do it. Your body has many ways of telling you what it needs and how it feels, so listen to it!