How to Eat Healthy on a College Campus

The start of the new school year brings excitement, stress and everything in between. The school year also brings more responsibility, especially when it comes to cooking or finding your own meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner


Eating healthy throughout the school year becomes difficult during those long days and nights filled with classes, internships, jobs and studying. Picking up a quick meal at Taco Bell or Chick-fil-A seems like the most convenient thing to do when you do not have time to cook or when you are on the go around campus.


Even with all the fast food and unhealthy options, it is still possible to eat healthy on a college campus. Here are a few tips on how to pick nutritious options and eat healthy around campus:


  • Avoid too many sugary drinks throughout the day.

It is easy to consume multiple cups of coffee, sodas at meal time and an energy drink or two to give you that extra energy boost. Unfortunately, all of the drinks add up quickly and pack on the calories and amount of sugar you are consuming. Instead, drink water throughout your day and at every meal to keep you feeling full and hydrated. Ditch the frappes for your morning coffee and choose lighter options like a latte with almond milk or just plain black coffee.


  • Go meatless a few days out of the week

Most people do not realize that you do not have to include meat for every single meal and too much meat can be unhealthy for you. A few days a week, try to go meatless during your meals. Incorporate eggs, greek yogurt, nuts, beans or quinoa to get your daily dose of protein.


  • Make a smoothie before class

Smoothies serve as a great snack or substitute for a meal when you are on the go. They can also be packed with nutrients from various fruits and vegetables along with protein. All you need is some frozen fruit, protein powder and milk or yogurt.        


  • Load up on fruits and veggies

The dining halls on campus are either a hit or a miss most of the time when it comes to food, but they do have healthier options more often than not. Frequent the salad bar or the gluten free zone if your dining hall has it. Stick to eating mostly fresh fruits and vegetables with meals instead of a lot of carbs.


  • Opt for the healthier options at fast food joints

There will always be those times when you just have to get fast food for dinner and that is okay. When you do eat at fast food restaurants, pick the healthier options on the menu like a salad, grilled chicken or veggie burger. At some restaurants you can even swap a side of fries for something healthier like yogurt, soup or salad.


Fast food in moderation is the idea to keep in mind. Follow these healthy tips and you will achieve this in no time!