How to Avoid Holiday Dinner Stress

On multiple occasions I have found myself sitting opposite of that one family member that tends to rub you the wrong way, and three embarrassing questions about your life later, you realize you have had enough and blow a gasket. It happens to everyone, and this similar situation will more than likely happen at every dinner across the country while your cousins wrestle over the last crescent roll.  


This year during your holiday dinner, remind yourself where you have come from and who you are today because of it. The people around you are there because they are your family or friends. They have a purpose in being placed in your life whether that be to challenge you or to uplift you. The challenging people have helped you to be more equipped with awesome comebacks and how to be patient with those who may not be as open minded as you. 


Remind yourself that today you are mature enough to see that you overcame the stress of the dinners all these years. Focus on the positive parts of dinner even. If your favorite part of the entire thing is the cranberry sauce, get yourself a double serving. If you like watching football or the parade, turn it on. Sometimes having a little background noise can really lighten the ambiance and cause for some happier faces. 


Family dinners are for sure stressful but have faith in yourself to overcome it. If you don’t believe in yourself, how can you expect those around you to? Walk in with confidence in your fall-themed outfit, store-bought or slightly burnt dish in hand, and beautiful brain full of courage and knowledge to tackle anything. Most importantly, remind yourself that there is always tomorrow to create a day filled with no stress and things that bring you absolute joy.