Girlbosses Who Run Our World


Photo by: Raw Pixel


Women rule the world. Some may not necessarily realize it because while others are bragging about their accomplishments, these women are busy taking over the world. One night I was drinking a glass of wine, drawing a bath and listening to “Skimm’d on the Couch,” which comes from the creators of “The Skimm.” I started a long list of women who basically run our lives.


Danielle Weisburg and Carly Zakin (more on them later) bring a no B.S. conversation between other powerful females leaders (who also run our lives). If you are looking for a new podcast, check them out. New episodes arrive every Wednesday.


As I kept listening, I started to feel more empowered. What I learned was I am not alone to failure, from not really knowing where to go to even being afraid to do things wrong because I might look like a failure to others. All these women started where I am now. A few strong badass girl bosses who inspire me in so many ways. Here are four boss ladies that are running our lives in one way or another.


  • Danielle Weisburg and Carly Zakin from The Skimm

If you have not heard of “The Skimm,” have you been living under a rock? Currently one of my lifesavers in knowing what is going on with the world by skimming this subscription-based newsletter each weekday. “The Skimm” breaks down the most important news sent right to your email each morning. In their wise words, “We read, you skimm.”


Danielle Weisburg and Carly Zakin started this B, as they refer to “The Skimm” throughout their blogs and social medias, on a couch in 2012. Today, “The Skimm” has grown an insane amount with over 30,000 Skimm’bassadors and has branched outside of being just a subscription newsletter.


They currently have taken video and audio by storm (check them out on Instagram). In 2016 “Skimm Ahead” was launched, a widely successful app that puts news and information directly to your calendar (sports, business, politics and entertainment). And, as I said, just aired a podcast called “Skimm’d on the Couch”.


  • Whitney Wolfe Herd from Bumble

“Bumble” was founded from a problem Whitney Wolfe Herd wanted to help solve. Any millennial knows of “Bumble” as the app that breaks a norm of having the guy make the first move. In a widely successful app, that has branched out into “Bumble BFF” (finding friends is just a swipe away) and “Bumble Bizz” (growing your network just got easier), “Bumble” makes meeting people easy. It is not just about dating anymore.


She has created a platform to build your network in a world where who you know is important. “Bumble” has since become a community and a brand taking over the app world.


  • Shonda Rhimes

Possibly one of the most talked about boss ladies who pulls on everyone’s heart strings since “Grey’s Anatomy” aired in 2005, Shonda Rhimes has changed the way we watch TV and perceive strong women. Anybody who is anybody knows of Rhimes and her, sometimes, dark and twisted characters on “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Scandal” and “How To Get Away With Murder.” She knows how to tell a story.


Rhimes has been empowering women and breaking down norms with these wildly successful shows. As a screenwriter, producer and author, there is nothing Rhimes cannot do.


In a recent deal, “Shondaland” will be moving to Netflix from ABC Network, but it will stay on ABC with post-production episodes. Any future stories and characters Rhimes has up her sleeve have found a new home with Netflix.


While I could probably go on and on about other powerful women who influence our everyday lives, I am just going to stick with these four for now. I just barely scratched the surface. Women dominate the world.