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Fruit Frenzy for the Summer

Fruits are notorious for their health benefits, but there is so much more they bring to the table. From their vibrant colors to their impeccable sweetness, fruits are a great way to get your nutrients in while enjoying a refreshing sensation. The list of fruits and their respective benefits is quite diverse. Here are some delicious and convenient ways to incorporate certain fruits into your diet to fuel your eventful summer.


This classic fruit is one of the most convenient snacks when you are on the go. Whether you prefer the sweetness of Honeycrisp apples or the sourness of Granny Smith apples, there are plenty of ways to spice up this simple fruit. Eating a plain apple is definitely refreshing, but pairing it with healthy fats and proteins are great ways to acquire those essential dietary needs. Apple nachos may not sound appetizing, but they definitely hit that sweet spot. Slice up an apple of your choice and gather some toppings to diversify your nutrients. I enjoy topping my apples off with drizzles of nut butter and chocolate with some crunchy granola. This snack is super easy to make and adds a nice twist to the typical apple.


Right alongside apples are bananas. They provide another convenient source of energy for a snack. Bananas, however, lack that refreshing feeling that lingers after eating an apple because it lacks a juicy component. Nevertheless, they are versatile and can easily be leveled up with only a few additional ingredients. Bananas can be used as a base for a smoothie. For additional nutrients, you can add protein powder, greens or additional fruit. Bananas themselves can be used as toppings in acai bowls or oatmeal. Showing off their diversity even more is the fact that they can even be enjoyed in their frozen form as well. A personal favorite of mine is making peanut butter and chocolate-covered banana bites. Slice up your banana, dip one half in chocolate and the other in peanut butter and let them freeze for a few hours. Enjoy these cool, rich and perfectly sweetened bites for a quick pick-me-up.


Fresh and frozen fruit are both great options to snack on. Personally, when it comes to berries, I enjoy buying frozen ones because I think they are more versatile. Frozen berries are commonly used for making vibrant, refreshing smoothies. If you are not a fan of drinking your fruits, there are plenty of other options. Acai bowls are also perfect for beating the heat this summer. Just grab your favorite mix of frozen berries and blend them with a dash of milk to get that smooth, thick consistency. Most importantly, add your favorite toppings to customize this classic bowl. Some of my personal favorites are honey, nuts, cacao nibs and nut butter. Berries can also be used in their natural form as toppings on pancakes or oatmeal.


Some fruits are known for their refreshing acidity. Oranges are perfect snacks that hydrate your body and provide essential vitamins. Although options for pairing oranges with other foods are scarce, there are still ways to diversify this fruit. One of my favorite combinations is oranges and chocolate. At first, this may seem like a horrible pairing; I thought the exact same thing. Eventually, I gave it a try and enjoyed the sweetness of the chocolate and the acidity of the orange that melded together so perfectly. Since oranges have such a high water content, they are ideal for incorporating in juices. Orange juice is a classic for cooling off in the summer. To add an element of surprise, incorporate tropical fruits like pineapple or melon to complement the flavor profile.

If you could not tell, I could go on and on when it comes to fruits. They are such convenient, refreshing and nutritious foods that are essential to our bodies. Fruits are also so diverse in what they offer to us. Not every fruit will be a favorite for everyone. I too have some absolute favorites and some that are far from my likings. In the end, finding the ones you enjoy and can use in many different ways is the key to making the most of this vibrant food group.

Dharani Ramaiah is sophomore at the University of Kentucky majoring in Biology and minoring in Neuroscience. During her spare time, Dharani loves working out, reading, and planning outings with her friends. In the future, she hopes to become a physician to make a difference in and beyond her community. Her instagram is @dharani_ramaiah.
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