End of the Semester Slump

Photo By Xavier Sotomayor


Writing does not come naturally, it is a skill one acquires overtime. But slumps do not always happen with just writing. They happen when you need to do anything but feel like you cannot.  


The broad monster that can take something enjoyable and turn it into a blank piece of paper with nonsense. Slumps are so bad that they take away the passion and fun for a time. I know it is my brain's way to take a step back, but it can be frustrating.


Slumps, for me, stem from all the insecurities fluttering my mind in a million different directions. This time of the year it stems from burnt out on work piled up over the last few months among the outside noise of over expectations.


Insecurities of the expectations people set for me. People play a huge role in brain slumps. I want to please everyone but what happens when everyone is pleased except me? The work reflects those insecurities and thoughts.


Getting out of one depends on the person.  For me, I have to step away. Step away from the noise and mess. Disappear in a book for a day, call my mom and watch Netflix while devouring popcorn with M&Ms. All it takes is a spark of inspiration and a bit of time away from the block in my head.