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Easy Ways to Brighten Up Your Life

There are some small steps that can be taken to brighten up your day-to-day life. Doing a few things can have a major impact on how you feel in your daily life. There are some steps you can take in your everyday life in order to live life on a higher and happier level.


  • Buy flowers to liven up your space

I have always loved flowers. The add color and life to any room. I recently started buying the $5 bouquets of flowers at a Kroger and putting them in a vase in the middle of my kitchen table in my apartment. It makes me happy to look at them. It is a small thing but it lifts my mood everyday. This little bit of money spent on flower for my home is worth it to me because it has a positive effect on how I feel.


  • Getting your nails done

For years I never got my nails done. I did not think it was worth the money and many days I still feel that way. I would paint them myself occasionally but the polish always chipped after one day so most of the time my nails were bare.

I was recently given a gift card to a spa where nails was one of the services. After I got them done I found myself looking down at my hands and smiling at the painted nails shining back at me. I just made me feel good that I looked put together in one way, even if my hair was a mess and I wasn’t wearing any makeup. Whenever I can afford it I try to get my nails done because it makes me feel a bit put together even when everything else is a mess.


  • Open the blinds and let the light in

Natural has been proven to uplift your mood. I always find that letting the light in makes me feel better and more connected to the world outside. It doesn’t cost a cent open up your blinds.


  • Give more hugs

Humans crave physical affection. Both romantic and platonic hugs offer health benefits that can positively impact your happiness. Hugs are free and can improve your mood. Be generous with the hugs.


  • Listen to a podcast on your walk to class

I find that my day is brighter when I know I have learned something. When I learn something new I know I am making progress and growing as a person. My favorite podcasts to listen to on my walk to class are “NPR’s Up First”, a podcast the comes out each day of the work week that updates you on the top news stories. I feel more prepared for my day when I am updating on what is happening in the world. Another one of my favorite podcasts is “TED Radio Hour”. Each episode of the podcast has a different topic such as “forgiveness”, “transformation”, “courage” and the host interviews three different people with three different stories that relate to the topic. I love this podcast because I am able to understand new perspectives on topics that impact my daily life.


  • Think of a few things you are grateful for when you wake up in the morning

I have started incorporating this into my life and have found that my outlook on life is more positive. Before I get out of bed in the morning I list things off in my head that I am grateful for in my life. Even something as small as having a bed to wake up in can help adjust your outlook on life. When you shift your mindset from “things I want but don’t have” to “things I have that I am grateful for” a sense of happiness will follow.  

I hope these actions can help you to enjoy your everyday life a little bit more. It’s the little things that make up our day-to-day life. A few small changes can make a big difference. I hope your outlook on life becomes more positive.

Kristi is a senior at the University of Kentucky, with a Journalism major and an English minor. She is from Pittsburgh, PA and enjoys reading, writing, hiking, and watching documentaries. She hopes to find a job where she can write and be creative after graduation.
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