Earth Day: Being Grateful for Our Home

Our politicians may ignore climate change and the ever growing threat it places upon our future and the future of our planet but that does not mean we should. As credible scientists and proven research have shown, humans are causing an irreversible amount of damage to the Earth.


Since Earth day is coming up, April 22, it seems like the perfect time to remind ourselves what actions we can take to be kinder to our home planet.


It is important to retain a sense of gratitude when thinking about the Earth and nature. Often times we take all that our planet has to offer for granted, which is easy to do when we are born into this environment and Earth is the only home we have ever known.


Humans are not the only creatures that inhabit the Earth and it is not fair to other beings for us to destroy their home. We must take care of the home that we share with some many others.  


Conjure a sense of gratitude by thinking about the clear air we have to breathe and clean water to drink. Think about the simple beauty of a tree or a sunset. The warmth of the sunshine. A waterfall. The Grand Canyon. The Swiss Alps. Be grateful for the food the Earth grows and provides us. A pineapple. Wheat. Peanuts. The sound of the wind in the leaves or the smell of rain. Nature has always been there for humans to help us to survive.


Let’s show the Earth some love.


It is important to be conscious of the ways your daily routine affects the Earth and steps you can take to lessen your negative impact on the planet.


Think about all the times during the day where you use water: Showering, brushing your teeth, washing the dishes, flushing the toilet, washing your hands, doing laundry, using water to cook, etc. Then go throughout your day and make an effort to use less water: take shorter showers, turn off the water while brushing your teeth, wash your dishes a little quicker. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about effort.


Recycling can make a huge difference. I know UK has recycling bins set up all over campus. However, not many apartment complexes recycle. Write a letter to your landlord or your property manager asking if it would be possible to set up a recycling system, it could have a positive impact for years to come.


Go through a day and keep a mental account of how much plastic you use and throw away. It’s pretty mind blowing when I think about the amount of plastic I use in my household and I am just one person. Switch to a reusable water bottle, if you haven't already, and get yourself a reusable grocery bag.


You make think these small changes won’t make a difference but they will. If everyone thought that their efforts didn’t matter nothing would ever get done. Great things happen in small steps. Each person can start to live more consciously and the Earth will start to become a cleaner and healthier place to live. Let’s take care of our home.