Don't Forget to Sleep

It’s the start of the school year so hopefully everything is still peaceful and calm. Otherwise, peaceful and calm enough that dropping out is not yet formed thought. Fingers crossed.


So, this is the perfect time to structure routines to get you through the school year. I understand the appeal of going with the flow, the idea of it is great. Particularly, because of the illusion of being adventurous and super flexible. Sometimes it works out great and there is a balance between school and social life. Other times either your school or social life takes a big hit, most likely school. 


In this scenario something has to give to achieve a smidgen of balance. Majority of the time it is sleep. How can you sleep peacefully with five hours worth of homework undone or an exam tomorrow you haven’t started studying? You most probably don’t which leaves the option of very late nights at the library (or designated place of study) and a lot of caffeine. 


A situation like this every once in a while is expected. College life and the power of procrastination, it happens. It becomes a problem when getting maybe three hours of sleep per night becomes a routine. 


Firstly, I don’t know how anyone can sleep for so little and still be active. I could sleep for twelve hours uninterrupted and still wake up tired. Secondly, it is terrible for your health to live with only that much sleep. The stress accumulates, mood darkens, always tired, lower blood pressure and so much more. Lastly, sleeping is good, very good.


To sum up, don’t forget the importance and aim for a minimum of five hours per night, although the healthy minimum is seven to eight hours.