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DIY Christmas Gifts That Are Bound To Bring A Smile to Anyone’s Face

I think I speak for all of us college students when I say that Christmas shopping can put a bit of pinch on our wallets, but Christmas gifts don’t always have to break the bank. The best gifts are those which come with some sentimental value attached and what better way to add that special touch than to make it yourself.


Here are some of the easiest and most meaningful DIY presents anyone can make:


  • Open When Letters

The concept of this project is simple: write letters to be open at a certain point in time (which you label on the outside). The best part about making this a DIY project is you can personalize each letter with stationary or stickers specifically tailored to tastes the recipient. If you’re wondering what exactly these letters are supposed to be about, it all depends on who you’re writing them for.

Here are a few ideas:

For your parents

Open when... I haven’t been home in a while

Open when… You miss me just as much as I miss you

Open when… You need a hug


For your significant other

    Open when… We have our next argument

    Open when… You need a reminder of how amazing you are

    Open when… You have a bad day


For your friend

    Open when… You need a laugh

    Open when… Finals are kicking your butt

    Open when… You need a funny story


For more letter ideas, click here!


  • DIY Skincare kit

Everyone loves to be pampered, and it’s even better to be pampered in your own home! You can include some DIY body scrubs, shown here by another one of our amazing Her Campus UK writers, or even DIY face masks, found here! Throw together a wide variety of these products and bam you’ve got a one of a kind gift fit for any skin fanatic.


  • Memory Box

There are two ways to start this project: buy a decorative box from your local dollar store or buy a blank box from the craft section of any store and decorate it to your liking.

Once you’ve done that, begin thinking of exactly what memories you have with the person. You may have souvenirs from trips you went on, tickets from events you attended, or even photos of you all together. These are all rather direct examples of things to put in your box, but you can be a little more symbolic too. You can put objects that remind you of them, just be sure to explain your reasoning (unless it’s an inside joke between you two of course).

This gift may take quite a bit of thought, but in all reality, it’s probably one of the most thoughtful gifts you could ever give.


  • DIY Coloring Book

Coloring books are great for all ages. They have grown to be a very prevalent part in the world of creativity for both children and adults, making them the perfect gift for the artistic someone in your life. However, the expensive, detailed coloring books often feature designs that are boring or simply too hard to complete.

The thing about DIY coloring books is that you decide what exactly goes in them. You can find online coloring pages to print, turn family photos into coloring pages following these instructions or using one of the numerous apps like ReallyColor or Colorscape, or even drawing out your own pictures to be colored.

Just print or draw whatever you see as necessary, hole punch them, then tie a little ribbon to keep them bound. If you’re feeling a little fancier, you can put it in a portfolio or binder.


All of these gifts have a special personal touch that will make the season of giving just a bit more heartwarming! Which one of these DIY projects are you going to be gifting this holiday season?

Haley is a sophomore Journalism major at the University of Kentucky with a minor in Environmental and Sustainability Studies. When she’s not writing, she spends her time watching lots of movies, hanging out with her amazing boyfriend, and doing service projects in the community.
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