DIY: Sugar and Honey Body Scrubs

As I have stated in previous articles I am a major fan of everything skin care related. I have been wanting to try making my own body scrubs for a while so I decided to use writing an article as an excuse to do so! I made some simple sugar scrubs to start with and I am pretty happy with the results!


1. You’ll need a few supplies

For my sugar scrubs I just used regular sugar, honey, and different essential oils. You can also use brown sugar, salt, or coffee grounds. Your liquids can be any sort of oil (coconut, moroccan, or olive) or something thicker like honey. I used essential oils because it was easier but you can use shavings from oranges, lemons or ginger!


2. Mixing the sugar and honey can be a little difficult

I tried using a spoon at first but it was super thick. I ended up just mixing it with my hands. It ended up being super messy, but my hands came out super soft!


3. When I added my essential oils I wanted to make sure they did not end up smelling too strong

I just added a couple of drops of each into different cups to mix up the scents I had. I ended up with sweet orange, peppermint, grapefruit and lavender!


I had a lot of fun making my little sugar scrubs and I plan on trying out some different methods when I have more free time. Everyone seemed to enjoy them, thankfully.


I hope y’all have as much fun making these as I did!