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Copy of Can You Not? Let the Gym Judgement Go

Gymtimidation is real. For gym newbies the machines alone are like foreign objects from another planet, then you add in staring with seemingly judgemental eyes and people can be ready to throw in the gym towel.


The question just has to be asked: Are the stares necessary? What is the infatuation with seeing people try to better themselves or relieve some stress. Just as you wouldn’t find it necessary to stare at someone doing a face mask keep the same energy when you see people working out. A trip to the gym is just as much self-care as #FaceMaskSaturdays is.


If seeing someone unintentionally misuse a piece of exercise equipment or  a machine is the source of your judgy stares then take a moment and ask yourself “Is my superiority complex in the gym helping me become a better person? Is it helping this unknown stranger who I am being pointlessly critical of?” The answer to the those is always “No.” The action following should always be offering a helping hand.


Newcomers to the gym will be accepting and open to helpful tips and tricks to navigating the machinery of territory unknown to them.


As someone who once let fear of everyone and everything in the gym keep them from relieving stress and doing what my body loved and needed I’m letting you know that unfortunately in the gym for some reason some people really care about how you perceive them.


If being a helpful gym patron just isn’t your forte, just try being a decent one, which is basically just being a decent human being.

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