8 Things You Need to Do Now That Midterms Are Over

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Midterms are over, that means you are probably ready for classes to be over already, I know I am. Just another month and a half and we will be nearing the end of the fall semester, but until then here are a few things you need to do now that midterms are over and life is back to normal:


1.  Kick back relax and have a Spindrift.

Spindrift offers a healthier alternative to soda and juice. Just what I need since I am addicted to the carbonation in soda but I am trying to cut down. Plus, if you are anything like me, your midterms week was filled with tons of delivery food so you probably need the healthier alternative. One last fun thing, if you are feeling a little creative Spindrift is great in cocktails and mocktails and their website even offers a variety of recipes! 


2. Go Shopping!

Shopping is my favorite pastime; I could do it all day long. Aeropostale gives off a fun aesthetic that keeps me coming back, even if I do not want to buy anything. With fall well underway you probably need to start looking into clothing that not only protects you from the cold, but looks good too. Aeropostale offers versatile and trendy denim apparel that will keep you looking cute and feeling good all fall long. They also have some cute accessories to pair with whatever look you go for. Check out their seriously stretchy denim options on your next visit and stay comfortable while in class!


3. Work on that perfect sunless tan.

Fall is the time for leaves to change colors, temperatures to drop and your summer tan to fade…well, that last one does not have to. L’Oreal Paris has a great line of self-tanners to keep you looking like a sun-kissed goddess all year long. Their tanning products range from lotions to wipes and they are easy to use! Do not forget to treat your skin during the dry season with L’Oreal Paris’ Hydra Genius Moisturizer to keep your skin feeling healthy all season long! HC UK writer and marketing director Hannah Woosley said that you may have to already have somewhat of a tan for the product to look perfect the first day, but after a few days, even for the pale gals, the self-tanner will settle into the skin and look more natural.


4. Make time for friends.

The semester can be long and busy, but do not forget to schedule in some time with your friends. With your Erin Condren Lifestyle Planner you can pencil in all of your dates in a colorful and inspiring hardcover planner. Never overbook yourself again!


5. Have a spa day!

While you are scheduling in some time with your friends, go ahead and schedule so “me time.” We are halfway through the semester and, I do not know about you, but I am starting to feel it! Go to Walmart and grab a cinnamon pumpkin scented candle, a bath bomb and some Freeman Beauty facemasks. My favorite mask is the Deep Clearing Manuka Honey and Tea Tree Oil Clay Mask and Cleanser. My face feels so refreshed after using this mask and it is fairly priced!


6. Go on an overnight trip.

Whether it is going to visit your parents or staying over at a friend’s place, clear your mind and get away from your usual setting. After spending so much time in one place, a change of scenery will be good for you. Be sure to pack an overnight bag and do not forget your Steripod toothbrush protector!


7. Get glammed up and go out for a night on the town.

Release all of the stress from midterms by taking a break from thinking about school and go dancing, go bowling or go see a movie! Tigi by Bed Head has the perfect products for a “night on the town” hairdo. They have multiple options so that you can find your favorite! Their “Oh Bee Hive” dry shampoo gives flat, oily hair the perfect amount of volume and leaves hair smelling fresh and clean. Their Rockaholic “Dirty Secret” dry shampoo gives hair the extra boost needed to go another day without shampooing. Their hairsprays can do wonders for your hair type. HC UK writer Jelyn Washington-Mays said that the Masterpiece Massive Shine hairspray worked great on her natural hair, but recommends moisturizing your hair beforehand. My favorite is the Hard Head hairspray, because my hair sometimes needs a little extra hold and I do not like my hair to look too shiny. Pick and choose your go-to items, they are formulated to work together to get your hair looking great for any occasion!


8. Treat Yourself!

No really, grab a treat. You deserve it! Hi-Chew is a delicious candy that you can find at Target and Walmart that is made with real fruit and fruit puree. Personally, I like the mango, but there are many other flavors to choose from, they even have sour hi-chew! It is worth a shot if you have never tried it before, but, if anything, this will give you an excuse to go out to Target for the third time this week!



Take a few breaths and get your head in the game, we only have another month and a half until finals week so cherish your free time while you can!


Photos By Katia Davis