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4 Bad Habits Hindering Your Potential

Life would not be complete without its balance between the ups and the downs. Oftentimes, the downs may seem prolonged, while the ups last momentarily. The reason the downs appear to linger could be due to your mindset that is associated with negative experiences. Such experiences tend to demotivate individuals and lead them into a state of despair. However, this does not need to be the case. Avoiding the following habits can help curb the tendency to fall into the tempting hole of dwelling in despair.

Sleeping In

When going through an emotional down in life, my instinct was to retreat to my room and stay in bed. Sometimes, the only sense of comfort we receive is physically from our own space. Calling it a night early might then lead to not wanting to get out of bed the next morning. I began to realize that I was the only one who was keeping myself from getting out of bed. I was the one who was in charge of making the decision to dwell during a down in my life. Similarly, I was the one in charge of making the decision to adjust my mindset to a more positive one. Getting out of bed and following your normal routine can help to get you out of a slump. Waking up at your normal time and getting through the morning gives you opportunities to experience small personal victories. Personally, these victories translated to rekindling my motivation to turn my day into one that made me feel amazing about myself.


Whether you are going through a down or simply cruising through an average day, procrastination is present around every corner. To be completely honest, procrastination is inevitable in life. Rarely is there enough time in a day for everyone to do everything they set out to do. With this being said, there are sacrifices and difficult decisions that need to be made regarding what is a “now” problem and what is a “later” problem. I often found myself putting off small tasks because they could be done quickly. However, this was not the best approach because they would begin to accumulate. Before I knew it, I had yet to send an email that I intended on sending two weeks ago. Delaying these simple tasks may seem insignificant at the time, but they could actually hinder your opportunities. As time passes, so do incredible opportunities. Two days could be the difference between being offered an internship or the position being filled.

Not Fueling Youself

Alongside not wanting to get out of bed during a down is not fueling your body. Your body requires proper sleep and nutrition to keep it running. Being in a slump can cause individuals to feel as though they do not deserve to eat or they simply lack an appetite. Personally, I had to shift my view when I was down when it came to what I deserved. Just because I was not feeling great about myself did not give me a reason to not provide for my body. Once I started realizing this, I noticed that eating a meal could actually improve my mood. In turn, I would have a better outlook for the day ahead. Refueling myself allowed me to find the energy and motivation to make my day better than it had started.

Unnecessary Screen Time

Laying in bed can be quite boring on any given day. While going through a slump, extending your stay in bed gives you more opportunities to spend time on your phone. Whether it is scrolling through Instagram, clicking through stories or watching endless videos, this screen time can be avoided. At first, it can be difficult because your plan for the day was to dwell on a downfall. The first step is to fight this urge and simply get out of bed. Starting the day on your phone can lead to hours upon hours of screen time. Instead, focus on self-care, make breakfast or go for a walk to clear your head. These are just a few of the many things you can do to curb your urge to lay in bed on your phone.

By shifting your mindset about going through a low in life, you can convert that negative energy into a positive outlook. Although I think it is important to pause for a moment and allow yourself time to be sorrowful, dwelling in this state can take away from you bettering yourself to reach your utmost potential. Next time you are feeling down, use that as motivation to bounce back even stronger.

Dharani Ramaiah is sophomore at the University of Kentucky majoring in Biology and minoring in Neuroscience. During her spare time, Dharani loves working out, reading, and planning outings with her friends. In the future, she hopes to become a physician to make a difference in and beyond her community. Her instagram is @dharani_ramaiah.
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