2018: The Year of Change

Photo By Brooke Lark


Change, a word that usually inflicts pain on me, is always bound to happen. Through countless articles, self-reminders and everything in between change still is a kryptonite of mine.


Change is a scary thing, but it will always be there, looming in the distance. Change helps us grow and slithers in without us even knowing.


I have not really made tangible resolutions this year, but like everyone else, know a big change is hiding in the shadows. Instead of resolutions to better my physical appearance, I started making small promises to myself to take leaps. You cannot be afraid of “no” if you do not try to jump.


2018, the year of change, or rather, the year of more change. Futures are not always set in stone of the paths we are meant to take. Futures take shape through decisions we make along the way. The paths are not permanent.


With change, comes ambiguity. Ambiguity scares me more than change. It is the fact that anything can essentially happen at a moments notice. Learning that control is not everything is another lesson for another time.


Life can be funny, weird and horrible all at the same time. While ambiguity is not decided, things tend to work out and our paths start to iron out in front of us.


So here is to all the resolutions you have personally made to better yourself in the new year. Here is also to the change, ambiguity, happiness and every other emotion you will endure this year.


Embrace the change. Act in a way that betters yourself and irons out a little bit of your path. Change is scary, but I also think it is one of the greatest pitfalls we endure. It feeds us along.


Without change, life would be a bit boring. We would all be running around in the same circles, never learning and never growing.


If you are anything like me you will never fully adore change. You will not embrace it quite like the way you want to.


As the years go on, you will learn change helps you grow. Change shapes you into the person you want or hope to be.


2018, the year of more change and accepting life’s twists and turns.