You Are What You Eat

College is the time which our entire life is built around our college schedule. There is no time for leisure when your future's success is in your own hands, literally. The first thing I learned in college was that my time management drastically changed. What I was able to accomplish was only in direct correlation to what I put my mind to. In the adult world, there are real consequences to basically doing nothing. In the academic world, there is only so little you can get away with by only doing the bare minimum. Chances are that not only with you not obtaining the results you wanted but the habit of procrastinating will move into your personal life. By asserting control over small aspects of your life, managing bigger goals become achievable.

In living a productive and healthy lifestyle, our self-care is crucial to our mental and emotional well-being. For college students who live in Residence Halls or simply commute, there arise more challenges in being able to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As a student who has lived in Residence Halls, I have first-hand experience with how easy it is to gain weight. Not only is the dining halls unhealthy, but it restricts in our ability to pick our own food. 

It is not new news that America has an obesity crisis. The way in which society is built leaves little to no choice for people to make their own choices. Like students as well as for people working full-time, there is very little space left for personalized diets. Almost nothing is left to have a personal touch, students are always on the run. For students who pull all-nighters, finding a "healthy" morning breakfast become the second most important thing to arriving to class on time. The most practical things and affordable thing are to buy fast food. Everyone loves McDonald's, myself included, but there are health hazards involved in the consuming of such greasy and saturated food.

There are small things we can all do to make sure we get the amount of healthy food we need each day. We can take some amount fruit and vegetables from home to school or work for those who have a financial budget. Another simple way would be to drink water everyday. There simply needs to be a balance of within the things we consume. Perhaps not within each day but through out the week a healthy diet can be insured.