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Why You Should Drink Tea Instead Of Coffee

If you attend college, or struggle through any kind of heavy work load, consuming a cup of coffee has probably become part of a daily routine. It helps you stay awake, stay productive, and maybe you like the different flavor brews such as caramel, hazelnut, French vanilla, and pumpkin spice. But once you become use to this routine, you may also experience fatigue, irritation, or a headache if you go a day without a cup. This is a sign that your body has become too accustomed to the caffeine intake.

Coffee is definitely something you can drink over and over again, but it’s not really a good habit if you drink more than 3 cups. First, coffee has caffeine, which is addictive. Also, if you like your coffee a little sweeter, drinking multiple cups can increase your sugar and calorie intake. If you think you’re guilty of drinking too much coffee, you might come short of thinking for better alternatives. My best solution for a small pick-up is drinking a cup of tea.

Tea has a variety of benefits for you and your health. Tea has caffeine, what kind of tea determines how much caffeine you will be consuming. If you’re trying to cut back on caffeine, try herbal teas. Not only will tea help you stay awake, studies show that tea, especially green tea, will increase your metabolism, which in turn will help with weight loss. Other benefits include improving your immune system, preventing strokes and heart attacks, and providing antioxidants that will help keep your body rejuvenated. And unlike coffee, tea will help hydrate your body.

For some, the idea of drinking tea seems bland and flavorless. It’s really not. Tea comes in just as (or more) different flavors than coffee in general. And if you find that your drink is a tad too bland or bitter, try adding cinnamon and honey to sweeten it up a bit, both are better alternatives than sugar and cream you’d normally put in your coffee. If you’re curious about what tea to try, I would recommend the brand Tazo tea that you can pick up from mostly any grocery store. And just like coffee, you can have your choice of either hot or iced tea.

There’s nothing wrong with drinking coffee. Drinking coffee has become one of my personal favorite passtimes. However, moderation is important. If you’re in need of a pick-me-up and are debating whether to make a third cup of coffee, try switching it up a bit and enjoy a refreshing up of tea.

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