Why Self-care Is Important Even When You're On A Busy Schedule

Self-care should be a daily practice rather than a once in a while thing. At times we get so busy with school and work that we overwork, cut back on socializing, and even skip a few meals. This type of lifestyle can take a toll on your body without you even realizing. Self-care is crucial for our physical, mental, and emotional health. One gets so caught up in responsibilities that they forget to meet their needs and know their worth.

Live a Little

You must learn to live and not just exist.

Do Things For YOU

Do things for you and only you. Putting yourself first will produce positive feelings, boost confidence, and increase self esteem. So no matter how much you have to do, take one to two hours a day to only do what you want to do. It is important to set boundaries for yourself. This way, you will avoid overdoing it and ensure motivation.

Incorporating Me Time Into Productive Time

On days that you feel like you do not have time to do things for yourself, double task and have me time while you're being productive. Here are are some examples:

  • Put a face mask on while you're doing homework

  • Play an audio-book while you're in the car

  • Study in the presence of nature

Remember to treat yourself, spend time with loved ones, and have a good night's sleep!